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15 Things Freshman Need To Do At Indiana University

15 Things Freshman Need To Do At Indiana University

From "drive your tractor to school day" to pizza Fridays, these are 15 relatable signs you went to Delphie Community High School!

Attention all incoming Indiana University freshmen! To ensure you have one mind-blowingly fabulous first year at IU, do the following 15 activities. Get ready, get set, GO!

1. Attend at least one Indiana University basketball game.

If there’s one thing Indiana is known for, it’s their obsession with basketball. So grab those season tickets, throw on some cream and crimson gear, and cheer your heart out.



2. Visit the Herman B Wells statue.

Do you even go to IU if you haven’t shaken the hand of Mr. Wells yet? Do it before your next big midterm for good luck!



3. Grab a late night bite at Pizza X.

Considering Pizza X is open until 4 a.m., you’ve got no excuse not to try out some of their famous bread sticks and specialty pizzas.


4. Attend the Little 500 Races.

The Little 500 is an amazing event to be a part of, not only for its rich history but for its celebratory nature. Seriously this isn’t one to miss out on.



5. Nap in the Indiana Memorial Union.

We can all agree naps are an essential aspect of college. But napping in the IMU? That’s taking it to a whole ‘nother (inevitable) level. And I’m definitely not complaining.


6. Know the chorus to “This is Indiana.”

With almost 2.5 million views and a killer chorus this is a hilarious music video every freshman has got to see. HOO-HOO-SIERS!


7. Listen to the Showalter Fountain legend.

Keep your eye out for the smallest of the five fish located on the Showalter Fountain because there’s a surprising story behind it.



8. Attend Welcome Week’s Culture Fest.

Uhmmm did someone say free food? Because Culture Fest has got the hookup. The event occurs during Welcome Week and is meant to help you explore the diverse cultures of IU through food, music and fun activities.



9. Participate in Indiana University’s Dance Marathon.

Whip out some of your cringiest moves because you’ve got 36 hours to dance your butt off at the annual IUDM event! The effort raises awareness and fundraises for the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, standing “for those who cannot.”


10. Order from Baked! for a late night treat.

Why have ordinary junk food when you can have some of Baked!’s warm ooey gooey delicious cookies? Perfect for those late night cram sessions and deep chats with friends.



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11. Sing the fight song at “Traditions and Spirit of IU.”

Get ready to lose your voice because learning the fight song is a Welcome Week tradition that you’ll carry with you for your next four cream and crimson years!



12. Lie on the ground and watch the lights change color at the IU Art Museum.

Let’s just say you should be prepared to take some artsy Instas. ‘Nuff said.



13. Attend a show at the IU auditorium.

Whether it be ‘Into the Woods,’ ‘Rent,’ or the classic ‘Mama Mia,’ there is something for everyone at the IU auditorium.


14. Eat at Mother Bear’s Pizza.

Okay, I know, another pizza place. But Mother Bear’s is a classic in Bloomington with seriously some of the best pizza on campus.



15. Visit Sample Gates.

I gotta say, while Sample Gates is one of the most cliché parts of campus, it is also one of the prettiest. Overlooking a dazzling array of local shops and restaurants, Sample Gates is an absolute IU gem.


What are some other things freshmen should do at Indiana University to have an amazing year? Comment them down below and share with friends!
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