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The Freshman Guide to Living on the OU Campus

The Freshman Guide to Living on the OU Campus

Take it from me, the conductor of the “Hot Mess Express” herself, freshman year is a whirlwind. New experiences, new friends, and new mistakes to make. It is important to make sure you are as well informed as possible before or during your first year on the OU campus. Keep reading to learn all about living on the OU campus as a freshman!

Are the RAs strict?

Remember that they are students as well and have to follow the rules because if they don’t they could face serious consequences. That being said, don’t be afraid to make friends with your RA. They know the ins and outs of OU. The have experience in pretty much everything you could think of. Your RA’s are people too. Keep their numbers in your phone just in case you get locked out of your room at 2 am. Trust me, they don’t mind. They’ll teach you what to do if your roommate is blackout drunk, or if you’re struggling in classes. They’ve been there. But don’t forget, being an RA is a job, and they do have rules to follow. Just stay under the radar and you should be fine.

What’s the deal with community showers?

Don’t be scared. Take a shower caddy (AND YOUR KEYS) and wear flip flops unless you want to catch something nasty. Proper community shower etiquette: (Females and long-haired males: don’t wipe your hair on the side of the showers.) Don’t blast your music and don’t leave your old razors (or anything else) for someone else to find. If you stick to these guidelines, everything should be fine. 


Tip: Wear a bathrobe and carry your towel if you don’t want to walk to the bathroom in just a towel.

What’s the bar scene like?

Weekends such as Opening Weekend, HallOUween, Sibs Weekend, and Fest weekends are bangers, but undercovers are EVERYWHERE. I know people who have received underages on these weekends and it’s a headache no one really wants. I’ve also talked to OUPD officers and they just want you to be safe. If you do go to the bars (or any other party for that matter) don’t make a scene and you should be fine.



What about our dorm keys?

DO NOT LOSE THESE. The cost to replace dorm keys is roughly $95. If you leave the keys in your room, then you either have to call your roommates and ask for help or get an RA. If you have too many lockouts you pay a fee. No one wants that. These keys not only get you into your room, but also into your mailbox. If you don’t have your keys how are you supposed to get that care package from home?!


What are some of the most helpful resources on campus I should know about?

The Academic Advancement Center, tutoring services, the writing center, Hudson and SAP as well as many more are great resources on campus. The writing center will help you ace that research paper. Hudson will help you if you’re feeling sick or feeling stressed out. You can get peer tutoring for any class, even major specific classes. Whatever you need, Ohio University has your back.

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What do I need my Student ID for?

This little piece of plastic is your lifeline. Your meal plan, bobcat cash and your ticket into your residence hall, Ping Recreation Center and all sporting events are packed onto this card.Some professors even use your ID to take attendance. You need this card. If you lose your ID it can be replaced for a fee of $10 which is charged to your student account.

Does anyone actually use lanyards?

Lanyards are great. They hold all of your keys, your wallet and anything else you may need. I’ll tell you what my Bobcat Student Orientation leader told me, DO NOT wear your lanyard around your neck. Put it in your pocket, your backpack, your purse or anywhere else. You will look like a tacky tourist with the thing around your neck. Save yourself the shame.

Don’t worry, no one’s freshman year is perfect. Mistakes are normal and they make great stories later. You got this! Welcome hOUme, Bobcats.

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