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10 French Songs That You Should Know The Lyrics To

Do you like foreign music? Do you wish to impress your friends by singing your lungs out to a song in another country? 

Here are the TOP 10 French songs to know and trust me if you do, you will definitely be able to pass a French local!

1) Ma Lov, Tayc

“ Intelligente, frérot t’as pas idée

Mais si elle donne son avis on s’en fout

Ma lov’ ma lov’

C’est soit toi soit c’est ma lov’

Ma lov’ ma lov’

C’est soit toi soit c’est mes lovés”

In this song, Tayc, the singer, is describing his love and how beautiful she is. He has a slight dilemma in choosing between his girlfriend and another woman! Decisions, decisions!

This song is heavily played in France and a lot of teens like the mixture of R&B and reggae. Try looking this song up to really hear the pronunciation and how each letter and word sounds in the song.

2) Elle est Bonne sa Mere, Vegedream

“Elle est bonne sa mère, Elle twerk Sur la piste

J’claque un salaire dans la pisse d’Iblis

Demain, c’est maintenant, il est bientôt six du matin (six du matin)

Une liasse de 500, on s’ra riche avant la fin (avant la fin)”

This is a fun song that talks about going out and partying. He talks about how much money he makes and how fast he spends it. Though the song doesn’t have great moral meaning, it is enjoyed by most french teens and adults.

This song is super upbeat and heavily played in clubs and social gatherings in France. If you know this song, you will definitely be considered a local and integrate easily.

3) La Vie en Rose, Edith Piaf

“Quand il me prend dans ses bras

Il me parle tout bas

Je vois la vie en rose

Il me dit des mots d’amour

Des mots de tous les jours

Et ça me fait quelque chose.”

If you have any interest in France or French traditions, then you would’ve probably heard this song before. If you haven’t, then you probably will want to listen to it, fall in love with it, and begin singing it around your house.

Edith Piaf has a soothing voice and this specific song is loving and soft, and anyone can enjoy it.

4) Zumba Cafew, Soso Maness

“RS4 gris nardo, bien sûr qu’ils m’ont raté (gros, bien sûr)

Soleil dans la bulle, sur le Prado, Shifter Pro (Shifter Pro)

Contre-sens, ma chérie, tu es à contre-sens

Puta, où tu étais quand j’mettais des 7 euros d’essence?”

This song is also an upbeat song, very popular among the younglings, and deserves some credit when it comes to getting people dancing. This song is heavily used on social media and there have been thousands of remixes. I highly recommend listening to it and remembering at least the chorus if you want to have a good topic of conversation among the French.

5) Djadja, Aya Nakamura

“Putain mais tu déconnes

C’est pas comme ça qu’on fait les choses

Putain mais tu déconnes

C’est pas comme ça qu’on fait les choses

Oh Djadja

Y a pas moyen Djadja”

This is the most popular song in France and every single person knows every single word and lyric. This song is heavily played among teenagers and adults—even kids know it by heart. If you want one song to learn, let this one be the one.

6) Joli Bebe, Naza

“Joli bébé m’adoucit, j’te donnerai mon cœur sans soucis (ouh)

Joli bébé m’adoucit, j’te donnerai mon cœur sans soucis

(J’te l’donnerai de toute façon, il n’y a que toi dans mes pensées)

L’impression qu’j’suis bloqué, mon passé me rattrape

Dis-moi à qui la faute? (Il n’y a que toi dans mes pensées)”

This song is quite new and deserves all the recognition it can get! This song is slower than the other ones and definitely has a deeper meaning. The singer mentions the love he has for his girlfriend and the fact that he wants to smother her in gifts!

7) Femme Like U, K.Maro

“Donne-moi ton cœur, baby

Ton corps, baby

Donne-moi ton bon vieux funk

Ton rock, baby

Ta soul, baby

Chante avec moi, je veux un homme like you

See Also

Bad boy, tu sais qu’tu m’plais

Un homme like you, heeey!”

Now this song right here! This song is a classic! Every person in France knows the lyrics to this song and it has definitely made its comeback.

It’s an energetic song that has late 2000 vibes. Highly recommend it for anyone trying to learn French since the lyrics are not very complex.

8) My Salsa, Franglish

“My salsa, my salsa (my salsa), the girls they love, uh

My salsa, my salsa (my salsa), don’t talk about it

My salsa, my salsa (my salsa), the girls they love it

My salsa, my salsa (my salsa), don’t talk about it.”

This song is both in English and in French by an artist whose name is Franglish! This is the song of 2020 and it’s heavily enjoyed and vibed too by all people. It has African, reggae vibes and it is the perfect song for dancing. Go listen to this song, create a dance, and then learn the lyrics!

9) Copines, Aya Nakamura

“Mais qui est la plus bonne-bonne-bonne de mes copines?

Ah mes copines, ah mes copines

Mais tu veux la plus bonne-bonne-bonne de mes copines

Ah mes copines, ah mes copines

Tu veux tout bombarder, bom-bom, bombarder, hey

Tu veux tout bombarder, bom-bom, bombarder ouais.”

This song is absolutely perfect for all ladies enjoying their friends and loving the single life. This song mentions the importance of having good friends and she dedicated this to her prettiest best friend— la plus bonne de mes copines—like she says in the song!

10) Grand Bain, Djadju

“C’est nous deux ou bien rien jusqu’à la fin (jusqu’à la fin)

Y a trop d’jaloux, trop d’requins dans le grand bain

(Trop d’jaloux, trop d’requins dans le grand bain)

C’est nous deux ou bien rien jusqu’à la fin, oh

Y a trop d’jaloux, trop d’requins dans le grand bain”

The song of the summer to enjoy the sea and the ocean!

Thanks for reading! Share your fave foreign songs down below!

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