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10 French Riviera Inspired Outfits For Your Holiday

Outfits inspired by the French Riviera work even when you’re not going on holiday to the South of France, right? The looks of the white or beige linen trousers, or a white shirt on top of your swimsuit, are a totally classic look that you absolutely need to work on your trip, but you would need more inspiration! Here are 10 French Riviera-inspired outfits for your holiday!

1. Puff-sleeved dress

Nothing says beach holiday than a sundress, right? Combining with a basket bag and a nice pair of sandals, this is your go-to look for a day stroll along the beach or a date night in a local restaurant! Puff-sleeved tops are also a popular classic!

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2.  A bag for the aesthetic

What gives off a more romantic look than the trendy pearly bag? It literally suits every outfit as it looks good whether you pair it up with a pair of jeans and a girly top or a dress. You can’t fit much in it but you can still look super cute going for a walk during sunset on the beach with your bag in your hand.

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3.  Floral Skirts

Floral skirts are probably not what you immediately gravitate towards, or what you would consider relevant to the French Riviera, but imagine your skirt paired up with a white shirt, some slip-ons or sandals, or even some classy trainers, and you’ve got yourself a classy look that everyone can pull off. It is perfect for your nights out on holiday or even just going to the beach bar for some drinks in the afternoon.

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4. Print dresses

Print dresses are pretty much all the jazz right now and don’t worry – anyone can pull them off! No matter what the occasion – any print works wonders. Floral prints are a typical go-to, even animal prints, especially in different colours, will make you stand out and still keep you classy and trendy on your holiday!

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5.  Stripes!

The classic print of stripes is probably what first comes to mind when it comes to French riviera. Tanned girls wearing stripy dresses or skirts smiling in their photos with the ocean for a background, this is the full epitome of a classic South-of-France outfit.  A mini or a midi stripey dress, skirt or trousers, keep you stylish, not too hot by the beach, and very chic! Definitely bring one of these to your holiday trip!

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6. All about linen

Linen is definitely a go-to summer fabric, that keeps you cool all the time and linen clothes are typically a very classy cut. Whether it’s in the style of a dress, a shirt, some trousers, or a jumpsuit, you need them in your summer holiday wardrobe! Everyone in the French riviera probably owns at least one linen item, right?

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7. Modern prairie

Yes, you know the one! The ‘prairie’ look has been again in style for a while now and it is quite natural for us to bring this fashion with us on holiday, right? Although the South of France has not got much to do with the prairie, it is definitely a look we can imagine wearing there. So wherever you go on holiday, if the French look is what you’re going for – you can’t go wrong with the modern prairie look!

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8.  The knot

Cropped tops with tie-knots at the front can be very versatile when you’re styling an outfit inspired by the French. Combined with trousers, shorts, skirts and even jeans, this clothing item is the easiest thing to style when it comes to putting together a quick but also fashionable outfit for the day. Bring one with you for your holiday for those days when you don’t want to bother but you also want to look smart and put-together!

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9. Espadrilles!

No holiday outfit is finished without the touch of the espadrilles. Flat or as wedges, they go with pretty much any outfit which makes them really easy to style. Pick out the right ones and you have your whole shoe dilemma figured out for throughout your whole trip. They are very French and very chic, which makes them ideal for the theme!

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10. The basket bag

The basket bag has been everywhere recently! People can be seen pairing it up with pretty much any outfits, even with coats and jeans in winter, but we can all agree that this is the ultimate summer accessory. It brings the summery mood and it works so well with all of these outfits! This bag is the most definite must-have in your suitcase for your holiday! 

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Which one of these outfits and items did you like best? Will you try some of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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Zlatitsa Markova

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