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5 Free YouTube Workouts You Can Do In Your Bedroom

5 Free YouTube Workouts You Can Do In Your Bedroom

The expense of a gym membership is no longer a good excuse for not getting your workouts in. With so many free videos on YouTube it’s so easy to get squeeze in quick strength or cardio session from the comfort of your own bedroom. Try these 5 YouTube workouts to get started and achieve your goals!

1. Fitness Blender 5 Minute HIIT Cardio 

Fitness Blender’s ‘5 Minutes To Slim HIIT Cardio Workout’ is one of my favourite YouTube workouts. It combines burpee jacks and squat jumps in 20 second intervals to burn calories quickly and effectively. 5 minutes might not seem like much, but these two exercises will leave your legs burning and your heart rate racing by the end. This workout is perfect, especially if you’re short on time – it only takes 5 minutes so you have no excuse not to do it!


2. Popsugar 5 Minute Standing Abs 

Popsugar’s ab toning workout requires 1 weight – if you don’t have a dumbbell simply use a water bottle or a heavy book (this substitution applies for any YouTube workouts that require a weight). This video focuses on strengthening your abs and core, using 6 exercises in just 5 minutes. Another of the quick and effective YouTube workouts that you can easily squeeze into your morning or evening routine to build core strength that will tone your stomach muscles as well as helping to improve your performance in other workouts. 


4.  Popsugar Victoria Secret Model Workout 

Led by Heidi Klum’s personal trainer Andrea Orbeck, this 10 minute ‘fat-blasting’ circuit is such a quick and effective home workout. This is a full body workout with accentuated focus on the leg muscles. With a compilation of exercises that incorporate both strength and cardio, Orbeck guides you through the workout with detailed instruction as to ensuring correct form and posture to avoid injury and make the most out of each move. Although you will learn to dread the plié jumps towards the end of this routine, it’s a great video to get in a hugely effective workout in only ten minutes! 

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3. 30 Day Shred 

Designed by well-known personal trainer Jillian Michaels, the ’30 Day Shred’ is a 30 day exercise program designed to help you lose weight and gain muscle through progressive overload. The program consists of three different videos, each of which you complete everyday for ten days, level one being the easiest and level three noticeably more difficult. Each routine is divided into three minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio and one of abs which is repeated three times to produce an effective 18 minute workout. When properly dedicated to it, the ’30 Day Shred’ can produce some amazing results. Although the original videos are no longer free on YouTube, the YouTube channel Endorphasm has produced videos of her doing the same YouTube workouts which are just as easy to follow. Or, you can simply follow written versions of the same workouts!


5. Blogilates Quick Burn Series 

The Blogilates channel, run by fitness entrepreneur Cassey Ho has so many free YouTube workouts, my favourites being those from the quick burn series. Each video is between five and ten minutes and focuses on a different body part or muscle group. Despite being only short in duration, due to the highly focused exercises, your muscles really feel a burn after your workout. This series of videos is more strength than cardio based so pair one or two with a quick home cardio routine for a great workout. My favourites from the series are the ‘Quick Burn Standing Back Workout’ and the ‘Quick Burn Inner Thighs’. 

Know more great YouTube workouts that you can do from home? Comment below to share! 

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