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5 Free Trending Apps On The App Store Everyone Must Try

5 Free Trending Apps On The App Store Everyone Must Try

With the number of apps constantly increasing on the App Store, we are almost about to hit a million picks you can choose from. 

You have probably already downloaded plenty of the must-have apps on your mobile deivce being aware of their benefits. Let’s not talk about the obvious, essential to most apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. 

With so much to pick from, it can get overwhleming trying to find an app that best caters to your lifestyle and needs. Before you fill your home screen with random downloads, for your trial and error, check out these five free trending apps of the App Store that everyone must try. 


I am sure I am not alone in being a clumsy and unorganized financial planner. Even though BillGuard shares several common feature as any major banking app. It goes beyond the basics to help you plan and execute your spending habits. 

It is designed to notify and keep you aware of your unusual and irregular spending, also making you aware and reminding you of the bills you would have to pay down the road. The website and the mobile app scans your debit and credit cards, monitoring your transactions to alert you of any possible scams, errors in your billing, and of any hidden fees. 

5 Free Trending Apps On The App Store Everyone Must Try


For all the social media whizzes, or the ones to be, this app could save the day, and a lot of work. 

Buffer helps you figure the right time to create the most effect of your post and schedules it to be posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and Google Plus. 

The app prompts you the perfect time when your post is likely to gain most views. It also keeps a record of the current state of the post and how it’s performance has been. 

5 Free Trending Apps On The App Store Everyone Must Try


For all those online shoppers who spend a great deal of time online, or just prefer buying things online than in-store, Dashlane is a must-have app for you. 

The app keeps a record of  your payment options and confirms information that otherwise, usually is lost in your emails. The application also tracks and keeps a record of your past transactions, making it as easy access to receipts and information regarding past purchases. 

The app also offers a paid, premium version which could be beneficial if you are a huge spender online. 


I wish I was better prepared to find myself a rental place to live. With the booming real-estate business and the every increasing competitive nature of the market, finding yourself a place to live could become very taxing. 

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Information is often hidden or misguiding on rental websites for their personal benefits. Zillow is a transparent, detail-oriented app. It crawls through almost all listen properties in and around your area, serving as a platform for both buying and renting. 

The app generates information tailored to your needs and helps you connect with the property owners or the associated leasing office, making it as easy and quick as the blink of an eye. 


It would not be justified to not have a food/health app. To all the foodies who love to experiment and try new foods, this app is just perfect to tell you all you need to know about the food you planning to try next. 

Health and nutrition is a growing global concern that several services and products are trying to cater to. How often are you at a grocery store, reading the nutrition facts, not sure what it really is? Most of us don’t really understand what a lot of those ingredients and terms really mean, leaving us gambling on food we assume to be good for us. 

Fooducate grades food products upon scanning their barcode. It grades these foods on the basis of right from their calorie content to it’s controversial ingredients, giving you a better knowledge of what you would really be buying. The app will give you complete explanation to why it has graded the product a certain way, literally educating you on the heath values of that food item. 

5 Free Trending Apps On The App Store Everyone Must Try

Let us know in the comments below of your favourite and free apps on the App Store. 

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