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10 Free Things To Do At The University Of Alabama

10 Free Things To Do At The University Of Alabama

The beauty of going to school at The University of Alabama is you not only get an amazing campus, but you also get an amazing town close by. On campus and in town, there are some great things to do from going to an art museum, to taking free fitness classes at the gym. Keep reading for 10 free things to do at the University of Alabama!

1. The Riverwalk!

Walking along the riverwalk doesn’t cost you anything and gives you some of the prettiest scenery in town. You can grab your Eno and Eno there or you can walk the trail with a friend and take in the nature.


2. Explore the Jack Warner Museum.

This museum is also known as the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art and it holds a beautiful collection of art. If you have a free afternoon, grab a friend and walk around the museum, you won’t regret it!


3. Go down the slide at Snow Hinton Park!

If you want to channel your inner child, go to the snow Hinton Park by Target! It holds the tallest slide in the southeast!


One of the best free things to do at the University of Alabama!

4. Tailgate!

If you happen to be in town for a game and you don’t have a ticket to the game, just tailgate! You don’t have to pay for it and everyone is so friendly. You’ll meet new people and get to experience Alabama football at its finest.

5. Free classes at the rec center.

As a student, you have access to our amazing recreational facilities, so while you’re here, take advantage of them! They have everything from yoga classes to circuit classes.

6. Walk around Downtown Tuscaloosa!

Downtown Tuscaloosa is one of the best places to explore it is completely free! Walk around, get to know the city and take it all in. It doesn’t hurt to window shop either.



7. Go on a campus tour.

Taking a campus tour is free and if you never took one before coming here, you may learn something about the university that you didn’t know about before!

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8. Take a lap around the quad.

If you walk 3 times, it is over a mile, so grab a friend, walk a lap or three and enjoy all that the quad has to offer. You can people watch, listen to music and catch up with a friend.

9. Play on the intramural fields.

If you used to play a sport in high school, you can head over to the fields behind Fraternity Row and you can play soccer, field hockey or whatever your heart desires. Not only will it not cost you any money, but you can get a workout in while having fun with you friends!

10. Get lost in a book at the library!

As cheesy as it sounds, the library is one of the best things we have on campus that also happens to be free. If you need a new environment to study in, go to the library. It will instantly make you feel better and give you some inspiration to get your work done.



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