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10 Free Things To Do Around UT Austin

10 Free Things To Do Around UT Austin

The number one rule for college students is to attend events that give out FREE stuff. Here are 10 free things to do around UT Austin.

The number one rule of thumb for every college student is to attend events, organizations, or parties that give out FREE stuff. The other rule every college student should follow: explore the city. So here are 10 free things to do around UT Austin while your enjoying or stu(dying) your time in ATX.

1. Blues on the Green

If you happen to be ATX during the summer, this concert series is a must. What is better than relaxing than with your friends, SO, and or pets than by listening to live music under the Texan sky.

2. Visit the Graffiti Park at Castle Hill

This is a must do thing for all UT students, locals, or tourist. Driving up or walking up the hill to get to the park is worth it once you see all the amazing art work.  You never know what you are going to find- a creative caption for your next Instagram pic or your next apartment decor-  with an amazing view of the city, this is the best way to spend your day.


3. Tour the Governor’s Mansion

Want to know a bit of Texas History or just feel posh for a day? Well then this free tour inside the mansion will make you feel like Southern Royalty with all the antiques and decor.

4. Movies in the Park

Nothing is better than watching classic free films with a picnic and your love ones. All through out the year, movies are shown in parks around Austin for a fun night.



5. Go on a hike or swim at Barton Creek Greenbelt

Whether it is hiking or swimming with friends or a pet, this is a great way to relax and take a break from studying or work.

6. Congress Avenue Bridge Bat(man)

Every year from March to November “bat season” is upon Austin. The Mexican free-tail bats come out after the sunsets in search for food. Get your camera ready to grab that Instagram picture worthy of these cute Austinies as they explore the city.

7. Waterloo Records Free-Performances

Texas especially Austin is known for its amazing and vibrant music. Inside Waterloo one can listen to a whole album before buying it. The best thing about Waterloo being close to campus is that they host free-performances almost every day of the week (plus they have awesome prices on happy hour).

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8. Mount Bonnell

If you are into taking amazing pictures, watching the sunset/ sunrise romantically, or trying to get fit this is the best place to do all those things. Getting up to the top requires a bit of a workout, but once you get to see the view of the lake, city and the 360 Bridge it is all worth it.

9. Murals, Murals On the Wall

Ask any one living in Austin or any one touring the city and the number one thing that they are going to do or have done is visiting all the murals around the city. Whether it is the “Austin Info Wall” on E. 6th Street, the Mexic-Arte Museum murals, “You’re my Butter Half”, ” I Love You So Much”, or the iconic “Greetings from Austin” you will get inspired and find great captions quotes.



10. When in the Capitol, do as the State Capitol does

Having the State Capital  in between UT and downtown one must visit it. Get the chance to go inside, see the Senate Floor (sometimes during legislation), look a the archives, work out or just relax and study outside in the lawn.

Can you think of any more free things to do around UT Austin? Let us know in the comments below!
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