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10 Free Things To Do Around UNC Chapel Hill

10 Free Things To Do Around UNC Chapel Hill

Finding fun things to do on a budget is always the struggle of a broke college student. These are 10 fun and free things to do around UNC Chapel Hill!

Are you a bored, broke college student at UNC Chapel Hill? Desperately in need of a break from studying, but don’t want to take any more money out of your dwindling savings? Luckily for you, these are 10 fun and free things to do around UNC Chapel Hill!

10 fun and free things to do around UNC Chapel Hill!

1. Picnic At Coker Arboretum

Grab your friends and some food for a quick and easy lunch in the arboretum. There are many places to sit and relax as you look out at the beautiful arboretum views and get some much needed outdoors time during the busy school year. Coker is also a great sport for a cute and thoughtful date with your significant other. Make it even more special by surprising them with a meal made (or if you’re like me- bought) by you!

2. Get Artsy At Ackland Art Museum

You can take full advantage of the free admittance at Ackland by touring the exhibits whenever you want. Ackland also has many events centered around culture and art, so get out there and learn something new.

3. Window Shop At Franklin Street

Too broke for actual shopping? Window shopping is definitely the next best thing. Get some friends to join and try on the silliest clothes that you know you would never actually buy. You would be surprised by what you can find in the shops on Franklin, as they range from high-end boutiques to the most extreme UNC apparel stores.

10 fun and free things to do around UNC Chapel Hill!

4. Check Out The Sights Around Campus

Go for a stroll around campus to see the iconic places Chapel Hill is known for. Take a sip out of the Old Well and then walk over to the Playmakers Theatre. Don’t forget the infamous Davie Poplar tree and the giant Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower! There are so many cool landmarks on campus that make Chapel Hill, well Chapel Hill.

5. Quad Sittin’ And Some Book Readin’

Soak in the historic buildings on campus by sitting out on the quad. Polk Place (the lower quad) is right in the middle of campus, so you’ll only be a short walk from the pit, Davis library, and more importantly, the dining hall. This is a staple thing to do at UNC, as I can guarantee that on any pretty day, you’ll see the majority of students relaxing out on the quad. My favorite thing to do is to grab a book and just kick back on the quad in between classes.

6. Visit The Dean Smith Center And The Basketball Museum

Home of the national champions baby! UNC is all about their athletics, primarily basketball for obvious reasons. If you’re a tar heel fan, this is the perfect opportunity for you to see the history behind our winning team. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a team member there for a picture and an autograph!

7. Hike At Battle Park

Okay, okay… hiking is a bit of a stretch, but there are beautiful trails to adventure on at Battle Park. Its a perfect study break at any time of the year (especially during finals). Go outside, take a deep breath, and just take time to appreciate your surroundings. Trust me, you’ll feel better. I already feel better just thinking about it.

10 fun and free things to do around UNC Chapel Hill!

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8. Get Sporty!

There is a plethora of volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts all around campus you can utilize. Renting equipment from dorms is free, and there is no excuse to not take advantage of this fun way to get competitive with your friends. Also, in the spirit of embracing the all-inclusive UNC attitude, maybe even invite some people you don’t know that well in your hall to play.

9. Get Involved

Chapel Hill has a number of activities and events that students and non-students can get involved with around campus. Free showings of thought-provoking cultural films are always playing at the Nelson Mandela Auditorium. The J school also has plenty of seminars and panels focused on politics and journalism. There is no excuse to not partake in these events, as Chapel Hill is all about learning and giving back to your community.

10. Explore Ghimghoul Castle

So, another lesser known fact about UNC is that there is a castle at the edge of campus. Yes, you read that right, a castle. Interesting enough there are many legends formed about the mysterious castle, such as the tragic story of Peter Dromgoole. The castle is also tied to a secret society called the Order of the Ghimghoul. Check it out for yourself!

10 fun and free things to do around UNC Chapel Hill!

Do you know of any other fun and free things to do around UNC Chapel Hill!? Share in the comments below!

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