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10 Free Things To Do Around UC San Diego

10 Free Things To Do Around UC San Diego


Moving to sunny San Diego has its many perks. Being a UC San Diego student, there are many things you can do around campus. To top it off, they’re all free! Whether you have a gap before class or have time to de-stress, UC San Diego offers different things to do around campus that are fun without causing stress to your bank account. Here are 10 free things to do around UC San Diego!

1. Work out at RIMAC.

UC San Diego is the home of one of largest recreational facilities in the United States. Kick a soccer ball on the field, create choreography, or do some cardio with your friends! There’s many resources RIMAC has to offer.

2. Walk around campus and find the different pieces of the Stuart Collection.

What’s that big red chair in Revelle? Wow, a bear-shaped rock in Warren? Most colleges at UC San Diego have unique art installations by many diverse artists. You can even find art while studying in Price Center and Geisel. Grab some friends and go on a photoventure around campus.



3. Watch the sunset at Gliderport.

A 10 minute walk from ERC, you can enjoy San Diego’s picturesque sunsets seaside. Gliderport is a glider airport where folks come experience paragliding by the cliffs. Come bring snacks and have a picnic. Enjoy the view of San Diego’s beautiful coastline.

4. Participate in a nature walk at the Scripps Coastal Reserve.

Nestled in a bougie La Jolla neighborhood, the Scripps Coastal Reserve is the perfect place to relax and admire nature. Take a stroll down the trail and breathe in some fresh air. The area is secluded and is known to be a “Locals Only” spot, making it the perfect place for peace and quiet. This is the most insta-worthy of free things to do around UC San Diego!


5. Go on a hike on Ho Chi Minh Trail.

In an adventurous mood? Head on over to the Ho Chi Minh Trail! The trail is mostly visited by surfers and fitness junkies. The trail is a year round favorite and most students come by to escape campus.

6. Explore Downtown La Jolla.

With just your student ID and a bus sticker, UC San Diego students are able to take public transportation for free anywhere in the city through the MTS buses. Why not explore Downtown La Jolla? A 15 minute bus ride takes you to a plethora of yummy food and luxurious shopping options. Don’t have money to spend? Take a walk along the beach or check out the free art galleries, you have to take advantage of one of the best free things to do around UC San Diego!



7. Events on Library Walk.

Whether it be raising awareness of a philanthropy or simply games to brighten someone’s day, there are many things that happen on Library Walk that are free for students. Grab some flyers and learn about upcoming events.

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8. The Various Activities at the Zone.

Love pups? In need of a massage? Got some down time? Check out the Zone in Price Center Plaza, next to Jamba Juice! The Zone offers many different programs that allow students to sit down and unwind throughout the school week. These programs include free yoga classes, therapy fluffies, DIY art projects, and many more!


9. Look for the many murals of La Jolla.

Scattered around the city of La Jolla are bright, detailed murals created by local artists. There are murals all over public spaces in the city. They’re fun to find and you can grab a few friends for some brunch before a day of mural-hunting.

And of course,

10. Have a beach day with friends!

San Diego has the perfect weather for trips to the beach. The beach is very accessible! In fact, Black’s Beach is a 15 minute walk from Muir. Catch UC San Diego students bringing their books to the beach. With the beach being very close to campus, many students like to study on the beach. Many also like going to La Jolla Shores, where most beach bonfires take place. Fun fact: there’s a shuttle that takes you straight there!



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