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10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of Washington

10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of Washington

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Ah, a day without school work and a sudden sense of exploration increasing – yet, an empty wallet. Below are 10 FREE things to do around the University of Washington campus! 

1. First Thursdays of the Month at the SAM.

Admission is FREE every first Thursday of the month at the Seattle Art Museum in downtown Seattle. It’s only a short light-rail ride away so swipe your Husky card and go! Oh, and once you’re in the area there is a lot of exploring that can be done – like exploring to number 2 on the list…

2. People watch at Pike Place Market.

Whether you’re alone or a with some pals, simply sitting down and people watching at a place like Pike Place can be a fun pastime – especially with a coffee in hand.


3. Have a picnic at Gas Works.

Grab a basket, some of your favorite snacks, a blanket and head over to Gas Works Park for a nice picnic with a view. Either bring some friends and a speaker to listen to some music or a book to sit back and enjoy the boats sail by.

4. Frye Art Museum – Anytime!

Yes, you read that right. Explore the Frye Art Museum for free ANYTIME. Located in First Hill, this is another location the light-rail would come in use for.


5. Saturday U-District Farmer’s Market

The U-District Farmer’s Market occurs every Saturday – year round. Head over for some fresh flowers, fruits, or locally made goodies. There are farmer’s markets in neighborhoods all over Seattle, here is a website of the other locations you can check out.

6. Green Lake

Another great place to have a picnic or go on a run. If the sun is shining maybe even go for a swim!


7. Hike!

Have a friend with a car and enjoy being outside? UW is close to quite a few great hiking locations. Here is a link for a full list.


8. Golden Gardens

Not a hiking person? That’s okay, head over to the beach! Golden Gardens is a great place to grab a group of friends and do an array of activities, such as beach volleyball.

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9. Arboretum

Right here on the University of Washington campus, the arboretum. Grab that photographer friend of yours and go explore the beautiful botanical gardens – there are 230 acres! (Above is the Japanese garden.)

10. Visit the Fremont Troll!

Have you seen 10 Things I Hate About You? If not, go watch it and come back to this…If you have, the troll that young Joseph Gordon-Levitt once stood in front of is right here in Seattle, and only 10 minutes away (in a car)!



What are your favorite free things to do around the University of Washington? Comment below!
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