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10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of Florida

10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of Florida

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to have fun while ballin’ on a college budget. Nowadays, it seems like everything has some sort of monetary cost. Some days we would rather cuddle up with Netflix and munch on two-week-old chips than leave the house and risk the chance of going broke. Welcome to life as a college student. It might seem impossible, but there are plenty of free activities around UF! There are still ways to have a good time in Gainesville without breaking the bank. Check out these 10 free things to do around The University of Florida!

1. Take a stroll through the streets of Downtown Gainesville.

Downtown Gainesville is full of popular restaurants and local businesses, but it is also a hub of excitement and liveliness. Walk down these historic roads and take in the positive energy.

2. Learn something new at the on-campus museums.

The University of Florida is home to the Harn Museum of Art and the Florida Museum of Natural History. Both of these on-campus gems are free for students to attend.



3. Lounge out in Bo Diddley Plaza.

Bo Diddley Plaza is new to the Gainesville scene. Located in the popular downtown area, Bo Diddley Plaza provides Gainesville residents with many free opportunities including concerts, zumba, dance and yoga classes, and weekly farmers markets.



4. Picnic near Lake Alice.

Pack a picnic lunch, gather some friends, and enjoy the #views of the beautiful Lake Alice.

5. Visit the Saturday morning Alachua County Farmers Market.

The Alachua County Farmers Market provides a perfect atmosphere to spend your Saturday morning. Explore all of the wonderful food local farmers have to offer and show your support for the Gainesville community.


6. Hike through the nature at Paynes Prairie.

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is rich in nature and beauty. Engulf yourself in the gorgeous scenery from a hiking trail or the observatory tower.


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7. Splash around in the local springs.

Gainesville is surrounded by an array of sparkling springs. While not all local springs offer free admission, Poe Springs does. So grab your friends and head out for a day of refreshing fun in the water.

8. Take advantage of the free activities offered on campus.

With so many student organizations, there is almost always some sort of free activity happening on campus. Keep an eye out for posted signs and flyers to stay on top of all upcoming free events.


9. Hammock in Plaza of the Americas.

Rock the day away in your hammock as you swing in the Plaza of the Americas. Bring a book, laptop or some homework and spend your day swaying under the shaded trees.

10. Get active at one of the gyms or Lake Wauburg.

Stay fit for free at Southwest Rec and Student Rec on campus or Lake Wauburg just minutes from campus. These areas are free to students and full of opportunities to get your workout on. While the gyms offer all of the fitness equipment you need, Lake Wauburg provides alternative outdoor activities like boating, swimming, rock climbing, and volleyball.


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