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10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of Arkansas

10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of Arkansas

10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of Arkansas
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The University of Arkansas (also known as the prettiest campus ever!!!) is right in the center of the coolest city, Fayetteville! There is SO much to do with countless events always going on and not to mention the amount of nature that surrounds you constantly! Here are 10 free things to do around The University of Arkansas!

1. The Fayetteville farmer’s market

Every Saturday morning the cutest farmer’s market is held in the Fayetteville square just five minutes from campus! It’s a great place to find local foods and flowers but is just as fun walking around in the environment!



2. Mount Sequoyah

Many people make the short ten minute drive from campus to take in the beauty of the city of Fayetteville. It is the coolest overlook to watch the sun go down from, not to mention the many picture opportunities here!


3. Bikes, Blues and Barbecues

This happens every year in September on Dickson street, where thousands of people gather to eat good food and meet other bikers. As the students go, it is a unique way to see the lively culture and watch parades of cars and bikes.


4. Artist’s Point

About a 40 minute drive from the campus, this overlook is a very popular sunrise spot…whether or not the sun actually comes up! Not to mention the drive there and back is excitement in itself. It is surrounded by the vast nature that Arkansas offers and is definitely worth the 5 a.m. wakeup call to get there.



5. Lights of the Ozarks

Another event that takes place in the Fayetteville square! Every winter the square is lit up with hundreds of lights that make an evening perfect for pictures and looking at the pretty lights that make the city glow.


6. Devil’s Den

Whether you are into hiking or just beginning, Devils Den is the perfect place to get started. It is a fun place to stay active or have a study break hanging out in beauty that this mountain brings.


7. Lake Wedington

Another fun place to watch the sun rise or just hang with friends. Lake Wedington provides a quiet place to relax by yourself or bring your favorite people along to laugh with and think on the important things in life.

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8. Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs

A place full of rich architecture that inspires anyone that steps foot in it. Another quiet place to get away from the busyness that Fayetteville may bring.


9. Eden Falls

A waterfall that is more than just picture perfect! It comes from the Buffalo National River which is the perfect spot to end your hike! SO many views to see that many camp out to make this more than a day adventure!



10. Wilson Park

Fayetteville’s oldest park is packed with things to do in including basketball courts, tennis courts, nature and picnic areas! A fun place to relax and enjoy the weather and scenery that Arkansas has to offer.

Can you think of any free things to do around The University of Arkansas? Leave a comment!
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