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10 Free Things To Do Around Texas Tech University

10 Free Things To Do Around Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is a hidden jewel in a barren wasteland – at least, that’s what most people think. In reality, there are so many free things to do around Texas Tech University and surrounding the Lubbock area that students are able to take full advantage of. Here are the top 10 free things to do in and around Texas Tech!

1. Mackenzie Park

This park is a huge favorite to visit. It’s home to plenty of land to play in, a block from Joyland, and home to Prairie Dog Town. My advice: take a bag of puffy Cheetos, sit on the cement wall, and enjoy watching these cute things nibble on Cheetos. What could make this even more fun? Watching them bark at an incoming “predator.”


2. First Friday art trail

This is something I was super weary of as a freshman – simply because I do not consider myself an “art” person. Boy, I was wrong. First Friday Art Trail provides the experience to walk through multiple galleries in downtown Lubbock. You can buy wine and beer in some of the exhibits as you walk around, as well. Each month there is a completely new set of art and often times there will be a theme for each exhibit. It is a fun experience and it’s something I look forward to each month.


3. Ransom Canyon

Just 30 minutes outside Lubbock Ransom Canyon provides an amazing experience. Home to the vogue house, ransom canyon offers a beautiful view of a lake, gorgeous houses, extremely nice families, and a wonderful place to picnic for the afternoon.



4. Watch the sunset!

This seems so cheesy, but there really is nothing else like a Lubbock sunset. If you head to the top of the parking garage on campus you will find the perfect place to sit and watch the sun set over the flat Lubbock skyline. I highly encourage this throughout the seasons, as nothing can beat the beautiful colors that paint the sky.


5. Museum of Texas Tech University

This museum is a hidden jewel of surprises. They constantly have new exhibits circulating and the entry fee is free. It’s something fun when you need a break from studies and it provides new atmospheres and something different from the normal college scene.

6. Festivals

There is always some sort of festival going on around Lubbock. Whether it be the exhibits, productions, or concerts, each month there is at least one festival that occurs. Some of my favorites include: Apple Blossom Celebration, High Noon Concert Series, Lubbock Downtown Farmer’s Market, and the Texas Tech Tradition of Carol of the Lights.




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7. Cadillac Ranch

Although this isn’t something to do in Lubbock, this is a free thing to do that is an easy day trip. Cadillac Ranch is located in Amarillo, Texas – about 2 hours from Lubbock. If you can, take a can of spray paint and make your mark on the historic Cadillac’s half out of the ground!



8. Pets Plus

This is a great study break for any time of the year. Pets Plus is a pet’s store located near University and 66th. Take your driver’s license and play with whatever puppy you choose for however long your puppy-loving heart desires. Plus, they have some other really cool animals on display all the time.

9. Hang out at Tech Terrace.

A beautiful park located off Flint and 23rd is the perfect place to hang out, read a book, picnic, or play with your dogs. This has been known as a meet up and picnic area for large groups, and even a great date spot. It also provides a gorgeous place for a jog whenever you feel like getting a good workout in.


10. Walk around campus!!

This, to me, is the most classic of the list. Texas Tech is a beautiful campus that provides an amazing array of architecture and public art that never gets old. The view of campus at sunrise and sunset is a classic one that cannot be missed and I highly encourage it (even a walk to my 8AM provides great scenery). Bonus: if you’re around campus throughout the Christmas season, you will be able to walk the central portion of campus when it’s lit up from the Christmas lights.

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