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10 Free Things To Do Around Temple University

10 Free Things To Do Around Temple University


How many times have you wanted to go out but also didn’t want to spend any money? We know it can be hard to find free events and that is why we created a list for you! Keep reading for 10 FREE things to do around Temple University!

1. Free food and fun Fridays.

Held every Friday at the Student Center, between 10 pm and 1 am, students can get free food while enjoying live music.

2. Sporting Events!

With your Temple ID, be on the lookout for free student tickets to sporting events, such as football or basketball. For football games, there are also buses that will take you to directly to and from the Lincoln Financial Field for the game.



3. Take advantage of extra credit events at the School of Media and Communication.

There are always free events happening at the School of Media and Communication’s atrium, including guest speakers. Many of them count as extra credit too.

4. Go to events at the Temple Performing Arts Center.

Make sure to check online for all the events happening at the Temple Performing Arts Center. Most recently, Nick Cannon made a visit for his Wild N’ Out show! You never know who will be making a visit to Temple!


5. See art shows at the Tyler School School of Art.

Check out the Stella Elkins gallery, Tyler Contemporary, or the Green Hallway for amazing student projects!

6. Run the Rocky Steps!

People travel from all around the world to witness the Rocky steps in person. You’re a Temple student and the famous statue is just a few miles away, so why not go?


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7. Check out the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site.

Have you read any of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems? Visit the National Historic Site, where he once lived in, and even wrote some of his most popular works.

8. Visit the Magic Gardens.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It is located on South Street, which is not far from campus.


9. Attend a group fitness class.

As long as you have your Temple ID, you don’t have to pay to get into the IBC building. You can play racquetball with your friends, lift weights, or do a group fitness class! Classes include Zumba, hip hop, yoga, meditation, and more!

10. Visit the Liberty Bell!

Visiting the Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of America’s history. Lucky, it is right in the center of Philadelphia. It is located just a subway ride away at 6th St & Market St and is open everyday from 9 am to 7 pm. It is a perfect place to take a selfie with friends while appreciating a piece of history!

What other free events are happening around Temple University? Make sure to comment down below!
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