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10 Free Things To Do Around NC State

10 Free Things To Do Around NC State

As students at North Carolina State University, we tend to get bored from time to time. These are some fun and free things to do around NC State.

College is a time of fresh starts. New people, new classes, a new town – new everything. People who already live in the surrounding towns know that North Carolina can get pretty boring sometimes. But, for your times of boredom or academic stress, here are 10 free things to do around NC┬áState!

1. North Carolina Museum of Art

NCMA is known for its iconic outdoor sculptures, summertime movies, and fresh interior gallery. The museum contains different art forms from all around the world, as well as another building made specifically for those who enjoy modern art. Both buildings contain charming restaurants, with food to match the exquisite art.

2. Pullen Park

A place of joy, exuberance, and excitement – Pullen Park is sure to fulfill your childhood nostalgia. With boating, carousels, and simple amusement rides galore; Pullen Park is the perfect place to reminisce on old childhood memories while making new ones.

3. JC Raulston Arboretum

Simplicity at its core, JC Raulston Arboretum is located in the heart of NC State University. A 10-acre garden to explore, have endless chats, and watch a beautiful sunset. The arboretum is the perfect place to get to know someone better. Bring a picnic basket along as well, and fulfill all your aesthetic pleasures.


4. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Free and open to the public, NCMNS melts education and fun into a pot. With featured documentaries, interesting new exhibitions, and research opportunities; this is the perfect place to go if you’re more studious and don’t want to waste precious studying time.

5. Raleigh Little Theatre Rose Garden

Perfect for stopping and smelling the roses; the Raleigh Little Theatre Rose Garden combines the beauty of nature with the love of drama, putting on plays filled with creativity and intensity. Not only that, the rose garden is known for hosting weddings and other small receptions, as well as quick stress relieving get aways.


6. Memorial Bell Tower

An iconic staple of North Carolina State University, the bell tower was originally made to pay tribute to those who fell in conflict; but now serves as an inspiration to the students and faculty at NC State. Visit the Bell Tower for some well-needed encouragement during a rough patch in the semester, or just come to revel in its glory.

7. Lake Johnson Park

Perfect for de-stressing and forgetting about all your academic worries; Lake Johnson is the ideal place to hang with your friends, or you can just go alone and reflect.


8. Legends of Harley Drag Racing Museum

Located on the second floor of one of the biggest Harley Davidson dealerships, this museum is great for gaining a new perspective or solidifying an old one.


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9. Mordecai Historic Park

The oldest house in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the history is based on the writings and memoirs of the Ellen Mordecai.



10. North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame

Perfect for student athletes or others wanting to gain a greater interest in sports.

These are 10 free and fun things to do around NC State for when you’re bored! Where is you favorite place to go around NCSU? Share in the comments!
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