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10 Free Things To Do Around Michigan State University

10 Free Things To Do Around Michigan State University

Michigan State University is by far one of the best schools in the country. The campus, the people, the food, excellent education, what is not to love. Of course, there are several ways to have fun with money, but let’s be honest here, most of us are poor college students, but the best part about MSU is that you do not need money to have fun. Here are ten free things to do around Michigan State University!

1. River Trail

The River Trail is the path that runs parallel next to the Red Cedar. Whether it is the frigid winter or the screaming hot summer, the trail will always have some gorgeous scenery. It is a perfect trail to run, bike, walk, scooter, skateboard, and even do some photography. If you are lucky, you may even see some wildlife. I have seen many squirrels, ducks, swans, geese, beavers, and the occasional turtle.


2. Beaumont Tower

Beaumont Tower one of the most recognized symbols for Michigan State. It is a beautiful old building and has a small courtyard next to it that is perfect to sit in nature and study, read or just enjoy the view. Beaumont Tower also has an instrument called the carillon inside. A carillon is a set of bells that are played through a keyboard. A computer operates the carillon throughout the day, but some days in the summer, they bring in volunteer carillon players to have free concerts. Beaumont Tower is also a fantastic dating spot for Spartans. There is an MSU legend that if a couple kisses in the shadow of the tower when the bells are ringing, they will be together forever.


3. Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling is hosted every Wednesday night at Spartan Lanes in the basement of the union. It is free to any MSU student with an ID. They have black lights, disco balls, and party lights and is always a hit. So, if you are a bowler or are just a stressed-out student looking to throw something, Cosmic Bowling is a perfect weeknight activity for you.


4. Movie Weekends

Every weekend in Wells Hall, they play recent movies that just came out of theaters. The movies are free to any MSU student with an ID and are allowed, guests. Free delicious popcorn is also offered. The movies are played in large lecture halls on the overhead screens with large speakers up front so anywhere you sit you are guaranteed to hear and see the movie. It is recommended to come at least 10 minutes early due to long lines that grow rapidly before the movie starts.

5. J. Beal Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are by far one of the most dazzlingly beautiful places on campus. The garden has over 1,800 different species of plants, including a cork tree, so no matter how many times you visit the garden, you are sure to see something new. The garden itself is 5 acres and is free to the students and the public year round. It is a perfect place to read a book, take a walk, or go on a romantic date.


6. University Activity Board Events

The UAB events are a wonderful way to have fun on campus, meet other students, and yet not have to spend a dime. The events are free to all MSU students with an ID and are different all the time. The events range from craft nights, to open mic nights, to bingo.  Also, the UAB are always looking for new ideas and students to help put on the event, so if you like the events and have bright new ideas, then this is an excellent way to become more involved on campus.


7. The Eli and Edyth Broad Art Museum

The Eli and Edyth Bread Art Museum is a fantastic place to visit. Just the building itself is architecturally astounding no 90-degree angles except for the doors. The museum includes ancient antiques, illuminations, old master paintings, and sculptures. Admission is free to any student with an ID and is the perfect place to keep your mind racing.

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8. Michigan State University Farms

Before Michigan state became the prestigious university it is today; it was a school of agriculture. Going to the farms is a throwback to what the school used to be based upon. The farms are on the south side of campus and admission is free. You can see a cow be milked, gaze upon the many adorable animals that call MSU home, such as pigs, sheep, chickens, horses and cows. Tours of the farm are mostly self-guided. Guided tours through the animal research centers are also offered and free of charge but are only available through appointments.


9. Sparty

Even though it may not be something to make a day out of, visiting the Spartan statue is an essential part of visiting the campus. Sparty is near the intersection of Chestnut Dr. and Kalamazoo St. Sparty is by far the most iconic school mascots there is and any day is a perfect day to take a selfie with him.

10. Sports

Most sports at MSU other than basketball, hockey and football, have free admission. These sports may not be the most popular, but when you have a rowdy student section, any game can be a superb time. Also, who does not want to cheer on our hard working Spartan teams?



What are your favorite free things to do around Michigan State University? Comment below!
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