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10 Free Things To Do Around Longwood University

10 Free Things To Do Around Longwood University

Sometimes partying or just chilling in your residence hall can get boring but you're also broke, so here are free things to do around Longwood University!

Sometimes partying or just chilling in your residence hall can get boring, well don’t I have a solution for you! So listen up, here are 10 free things to do around Longwood University, which are definitely enjoyable and also date worthy.

1. For the Adventurer

High Bridge Trail is right off campus.  From the Main Street Entrance, it’s roughly a 6-6.5 mile walk/run/bike to the Appomattox River end of High Bridge itself.  Or you could take a shorter, 3 mile trip to a nice little picnic spot.  The scenery is beautiful, and it can be a nice little break from classes. Although keep in mind, if you are driving to the park and parking you’re car, there is a $4 fee (much cheaper than a $25 parking ticket!)


2. For the Art Aficionado

The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) connect people to art through exhibits and a variety of programming that is all open to the public.

3. For the Athlete

Longwood has several tennis courts that are open all hours.  If that’s not your thing, check out the pool or the rock wall at the gym.



4. For the Athletics Fan

Maybe playing sports isn’t your favorite, but you’re an excellent spectator and cheerleader.  Most games are free for students to watch.  Go cheer on our NCAA Division I teams, club teams, or intramural teams.


5. For the History Buff

Visit the Robert Russa Moton Museum or take the Historic Downtown Farmville Walking Tour.  Farmville has a very rich history, particularly surrounding the Civil Rights Movement.  As said in one of my favorite movies,

“History’s history.  No use sweeping it under the rug.”

-Earl Smooter, Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

6. For the Musically Inclined

Uptown Café is on Main Street and they host bands all of the time.  Weekends usually host bands from town or student-bands who have gained some rapport, but you also have the option of signing up for Thursday night Open Mic Nights.  Or, if you’re not as musically inclined, you’re also welcome to just come to enjoy the coffee-shop atmosphere and some good music.


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7. For the Small-Town Tourist

If you’re like me, and you grew up in a big city, then you’ll love the quaint little shops up and down main street.  It can be fun to window shop, particularly at the antique shops.


8. For the Volunteer

The town of Farmville loves when students get involved.  The local food pantry (FACES), Habitat for Humanity, and the SPCA are always looking for more volunteers.  Also, pay attention to the weekly emails from Elsie Angus, she includes volunteering opportunities every week if you prefer to work with a group.



Lancer Productions is an organization on campus that hosts tons of events that are free to students.  Some of the most popular include Pinterest craft nights, BINGO (with prizes!), and when they invite comedians or magicians to perform on campus.  Again, watch Elsie Angus’ emails, or you can follow Lancer Productions on social media.


10. Lastly, For the Person Who’s (*gasp*) Bored of Farmville?!

I you are lucky enough to have a car, you can branch out to nearby towns or cities (including Lynchburg and Richmond).  If you don’t have a car, maybe a friend will, or you can ask someone on the Longwood Ride Board.


Whatever you choose to do, if you’re bored at Longwood it’s because you’re not trying.  These are only the free activities, but there’s always something to do in Farmville, Virginia.

Know any other free things to do around Longwood University for students to do? Comment below!
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