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10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

Broke college kids- we know them, we love them, we are them. Check out this list of free things to do around Florida State University.

Broke college kids- we know them, we love them, we are them. And as an FSU student, when you’ve spent your last $5 on an Insomnia Cookie craving, and mom and dad are sympathizing with you and your tight wallet less and less, it might be time to focus on free entertainment around campus. The good news is, there is plenty of it!  Check out this list of free things to do around Florida State University to fill your free time with free entertainment.

1. Student Life Center movies and game nights

So few people take advantage of having a FREE movie theater right on campus.  You can literally walk there in your pajamas, show your FSU ID, and roll in like you own the place.  The SLC offers a wide variety of movies ranging from classics to movies that are still currently in theaters, and even hosts game nights.

2. FSU sporting events

Whether you’re a sports fan or not we can all agree that winning is fun, and with an athletics program as strong as FSU’s that’s a common occurrence.  Even if we do happen to lose a game, at least we always look good sporting garnet and gold.

3. Free FSU classes

FSU is an institute of higher education, but the educational opportunities on campus far exceed the classes you take to earn that degree.  In fact, FSU wants to make sure you can add things like belly dancing and sushi rolling to your resume.  That’s right, there are many opportunities to learn something new at FSU all for free: try checking out the gym classes at the Leach and signing up the day before, attending a class by the FSU belly dancers, taking a swing dance lesson, or signing up for the monthly FSU cooking class!

4. Go to Club Downunder

Florida State’s Club Downunder has hosted countless entertainment acts including musicians, bands, comedians, public speakers and more, and yes, the vast majority of these shows are free for FSU students.  Be sure to check out the semester schedule or else you could miss out on a once in a lifetime experience at FSU’s very own venue.

5. Explore Florida State’s hidden gems

We all know how beautiful FSU is, so exploring campus in your down time can’t disappoint.  If you think you’ve seen enough of FSU just by walking to class, don’t be too sure, as there are many fun secrets to discover. For example, if you go to the end of Landis Green right next to the Landis dorm, there is a short, curved wall called the whisper wall.  Have a friend put their ear up to the inside curve on one end, and whisper something into the curve on the other end for a little surprise.  Also, if you stand in the middle of the wall in the center of the circle, your voice will naturally project.

6. Take a dip

Since FSU so kindly keeps all of their on-campus fountains chlorinated, going for a little swim on a hot sunny day is never a bad idea. You can get a little tan and cool down after inevitably sweating on your walk to class earlier that day.

7. Scope out free campus events

There are always student groups planning fun events right on FSU’s campus, such as puppies to pet, free food to eat and more. These types of things can be a fantastic source of free entertainment and can be found on FSU Facebook pages or simply by checking out what a large crowd of students on campus seems to be centered around.  There is never any shame in scoping out the scene when food or puppies are possibly lying in wait.

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8. Free city events

It’s amazing how many cool places can be found if you branch off of campus just a little bit.  And on special days, some free entertainment may be waiting for you.  Two of my favorite examples of this are First Friday (on the first Friday of every month in Railroad Square) and Food Truck Thursday (every Thursday at Lake Ella.) While you may need to break out your wallet to buy food or other fun stuff at these events, the live music and the good vibes are free!

9. The great outdoors

Another fun, free way to explore near FSU is through the great outdoors.  Many beautiful parks can be found nearer than you might think, such as Lafayette Heritage Trail Park for a nice jog, walk or photo op, or Cascades Park for a more modern park feel. Both are great places for a picnic!

10. The FSU Reservation

Most students have heard of the FSU reservation and I highly recommend everyone spending some time there at least once.  The facility is free and welcoming to all FSU students and is a great place to forget about the stresses of school on the water.

Florida State is a beautiful school full of opportunities to have fun, learn something new and maybe even have a meal all for free. So to all of you college students on a budget who never actually learned how to budget, I hope this list finds you well and that you take advantage of all things free.

Know of other free things to do around Florida State University? Comment below!
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