10 Free Things To Do Around DePaul University

DePaul University has 2 campuses in the heart of Chicago, a main campus in Lincoln Park and the other one in the ‘Loop.’ No matter what campus you are currently on, if you have a free day or even just a few hours, you can explore some of Chicago’s most interesting places…for free! Below are 10 free things to do around DePaul University; enjoy!

1. Lake Michigan

There are so many different beaches you can go to to enjoy Lake Michigan. From North Avenue to Oak Street, there is a beach for everyone! No matter the season, you can walk, run or lay out on the beach and have a day full of fun.

2. Lincoln Park

Situated on Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park is home to numerous statues, an abundance of grass for walking, laying, playing; sanctuaries, a rowing canal, and so many other fun options. You can spend an entire day at Lincoln Park and still be yearning for more time here.

3. DePaul University Art Museum

What better way to support your own school than by admiring the art of your peers? This museum is open year round (closed Mondays and Tuesdays) and always has new and interesting exhibits for any art taste.

4. Lincoln Park Zoo

Home to over 1200 animals, the Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest and last remaining free zoos in the entire country. Enjoy a day of gazing at flamingos wading in water, to giraffes and zebras munching on some hay.

5. Millennium Park

Take a picture in front of the infamous ‘Bean’; take a walk around Maggie Daley Park, and in the winter, go ice skating. No matter the season, or day of the week, Millennium Park is full of fun adventures.

6. Lincoln Park Conservatory

While winter in Chicago is a sight to see, sometimes the best thing to do is spend the day indoors. At the Lincoln Park Conservatory (situated amongst Lincoln Park,) you can admire greenery, flowers and trees of all sizes and biomes all in one place.

7. The ‘Mag’ Mile

Chicago is a hub for upscale retail. And even if you don’t want (or can’t afford) anything, simply walking the Mag Mile is a trip in itself. From Ulta to Chanel, there is a store (or a few) for any shopper.

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8. Oz Park

Named after the Wizard of Oz, here you will find statues of the Wizard of Oz characters, an abundance of trees, critters, and so many dogs who would love a petting or a game of fetch.

9. Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

If you are looking for a calm place to relax in the midst of finals season, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is the place for you. The only sounds you’ll hear here are the quiet chirp of the ample bird species and the ripple of relaxing waterfalls. It’s a refreshing venue filled with wildlife, stones, and trees, and will make any stressed person feel zen (at least for a while.)

10. Museums (free days)

Chicago is a city known for some of the most amazing museums in the country. While these museums can be a bit pricey (students get discounts), most Chicago museums offer free-days on multiple occasions throughout the year. Simply look up the museum you want to visit and search ‘free day’ alongside of it and you’ll be ready for a day full of art or science… or both!


Can you think of any other free things to do around DePaul University? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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