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10 Free Things To Do Around Cal Poly Pomona

10 Free Things To Do Around Cal Poly Pomona

10 Free Things To Do Around Cal Poly Pomona

The only downside to going to Cal Poly Pomona is that, well, you’re in Pomona. Inland Empire can get pretty boring as a college student, so keep reading for 10 free things to do around Cal Poly Pomona. From the LA fair, to the Broad Museum, there is plenty to keep you entertained without touching your wallet!

1. Go to the Downtown Pomona Art Walk!

Each second Saturday of the month, downtown Pomona holds a free Art Walk! Galleries from local artists are displayed, there’s a farmer’s market, live music, and many of the shops are open late! If you happen to miss the Art Walk, come to downtown Pomona any day to browse through the various vintage stores on Antique Row, bars, and restaurants.



2. Explore Claremont Village.

Let’s be honest, Pomona isn’t the ideal “college town.” However, Claremont is pretty close! Filled with shops, trendy eateries, and a super cool record store, Cal Poly students are claiming Claremont for themselves! Visit the packing house for food or walk around outdoors and check out the many shops Claremont has to offer.


3. Sunday Horse Shows!

If you are stuck on campus for the weekend, be sure to check out Cal Poly Pomona’s own Horse Show! The show features the famous Cal Poly Equestrian Team at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center on the first Sunday of the month. Students get in free with their Bronco ID.


4. Rock climb at the BRIC.

No car? No worries! The newly-built Bronco Recreation & Intramural Complex is not just the campus gym, but also home of the Bronco Peak, an indoor rock wall. Membership is included in tuition, so it’s basically free (a.k.a. your parents are paying for it.) The BRIC has much to offer including a suspended indoor track, basketball courts, an Olympic-sized pool, and more. They also offer free classes and workshops EVERY DAY. Avoid the freshman 15 with this one!

5. Browse the Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch.

You guys, the College of Agriculture is pretty lit. CPP has its very own Farm Store market across from campus where anyone can buy produce such as fresh-squeezed orange juice or an organic snack. They accept Bronco Bucks, too! The Farm Store also hosts the popular Pumpkin Festival each October, and admission is free to Cal Poly students. Various free activities such as grape harvesting are put on by the Agriculture department, so be sure to check their calendar for a list of events!

6. Go to the LA Fair in Pomona!

It only happens once a year (unfortunately), but the LA Fair is held in our very own Pomona! Take a look at farm animals and dozens of exhibits each September. The admission is usually $10 to $20, but they have a day that is free to Cal Poly Pomona students toward the end of the fair dates.



7. Window shop at Chino Hills.

There are several malls around Pomona, but Chino Hills has by far one of the cutest! Enjoy an outdoor mall, illuminated with string lights by night. The Shoppes also holds a farmer’s market every Wednesday at 4pm year-round.

8. Explore Downtown Disney District!

Located in the city of Anaheim, Downtown Disney is fun both for California natives and out-of-staters. Parking is free for 2 hours, which is a little longer than the time it takes to walk around the Downtown Disney shops.



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9. Visit the Broad Museum in Downtown LA.

It’s easy to forget that Pomona is part of LA county, but take advantage of it! Los Angeles is full of free and low-cost attractions, just a drive on the I-10 away! The Broad is an art museum with free admission. You just have to wait in line, so get there early.



10. View the stars from the Griffith Observatory in LA.

It’s hard to see the stars from within the San Gabriel Valley, so take a nighttime trip to the Griffith! You can see the Hollywood sign from the Observatory during the day, and all the constellations at night. Parking and admission are free.



Go Broncos!!

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