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10 Free Things To Do Around Kent State University

College is the time where you can explore and try new things, meet new people and find out what you truly love and want out of life. With this being said, college is also the time where you’re paying for food with the spare change you found in your car, so saving money is a must. If you’re ballin on a budget like most college kids are, keep reading to learn about fun and FREE things to do around Kent State.


There are many concerts around Kent that are free. Downtown, there are various small, outdoor stages that local and up-and-coming bands perform at. Kent State also puts on Flashfest and brings in well known artists who play on campus, which costs nothing to students! The Kent Stage, downtown on Main Street puts on many concerts, some do cost money, but some are free. If you are willing to spend money, Blossom Music Center is only half an hour away.

Dog Days at Kent

Okay, who doesn’t love dogs? Kent State provides days where service dogs are brought to campus at various locations, such as the library, dorms and the student center. So take a study break and go snuggle with some puppies!

Farmers Market Downtown

I don’t know about you, but there is something about farmers markets that are just so exciting! Downtown Kent puts on a farmers market throughout the spring and summer, where local artisans, farmers and businesses set up and sell their goodies. Of course once you get there, you’ll probably want to buy some goodies, but if not, you can just go check everything out.



Throw on a trendy outfit, grab your camera and your friends and go explore downtown. There are so many cool places to take pictures in Kent. Old railroad tracks, cute coffee shops and brick walls on every corner make for instagram worthy pictures.

Beckwiths Apple Orchard

Beckwiths is a cute little apple orchard right outside of downtown Kent. They have a beautiful farm, a cute little shop where they sell apples, candles and other various snacks, decorations and baked goods. In the fall, this is the perfect place to go for a date or a girls day out.

Kent Free Library

The Kent Free Library probably is not the most fun place on this list, but it is practical. Kent Library is the perfect place to have a study date, while still allowing yourself to get off campus. There are hundred of books, movies, magazines and CD’s there as well, so you could spend hours checking out everything there.

Art Gallery Downtown

Downtown on Main Street, there is the cutest, little art gallery. This art gallery showcases local artists and changes their showcase monthly. It’s the perfect place to go to often, because it is always changing and it’s a quick stop, so you can still go do something fun, while not spending an entire day there.

See Also


Fashion Museum

If you love fashion, go visit this museum. It is so amazing and showcases so many amazing pieces. The best part is it’s on campus! You can walk there between classes and spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 5 hours in there depending on your interest!

Flashperk Events

There are a lot of cool events that Kent State puts on, ice skating, sporting events, free food, those are just the start of things offered by the college. Grab a group of friends and go check them out, you’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll meet a lot of people through it!

Go to Nature Parks

Kent has so many beautiful bike trails and nature parks. Take a break from the library and go get some fresh air. Take a bike, a skateboard or just walk. One of the nature parks is right downtown, under train tracks and by the river. It’s beautiful!! There are cute little picnic tables where you can stop and have a picnic.

What are your favorite free things to do around Kent State? Comment below!
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Alanna Deeble

Alanna is a sophomore, Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State University who is a plant, tea, puppy and Jesus lover. She enjoys photography, doing makeup and reading.

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