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Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills

Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills

These free sites help you improve your skills on a wide variety of topics. Whether you already have your diploma or higher education just wasn’t your speed, these free sites have you covered from creative to language to technical.


This free add-on corrects basic grammar errors. Think of it like spellcheck on Word, but for any writing platform. This will be especially helpful for any professional email. Whether that be to a potential employer, a professor, or a colleague, grammar errors are huge no-nos. It makes it one of the free sites that are universally useful for any field and anybody.

There’s an option to pay for Grammarly premium; however, if you read about sentence structures and get a better understanding of them, you can intuitively figure out those errors. It won’t specifically show you where your premium errors occur in your writing, but it will tell you how many you have and what kind of error it is. This means if you are willing to take the time to comb through your writing, you can find the errors yourself. Once you fix it, the number(s) next to the error goes down.


It will help improve your writing skills, and eventually, you’ll have fewer premium errors.

Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills

Google Analytics

If you’re looking to get into social media management or want to increase your social media platform, you need to know about analytics. By far, the most widely used analytics tool is from Google. It’s one of those free sites that improve your skills and gives you a certification as proof.


Having a Google Analytics certification makes you a more desirable candidate in a variety of fields. It can be applicable in Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, or the uprising demand for Data Scientists. Companies want to know how they’re performing online and engaging with audiences. Knowing how to read analytic dashboards, increase return on advertising (ROA), and increase engagement metrics will make you indispensable at your company.

However, this certification helps anyone going the entrepreneurial route. You’ll want to make sure you’re connecting with the right audiences, and your time and effort are not going to waste.

The Google Analytics Certification course is one of the free sites that allows you to go at your own pace. This makes it easy to fit within your schedule during times that are most convenient for you.


Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills


A community specifically designed for creative. SkillShare is one of the limited options for free sites that cater to creatives. There’s a wide variety of classes to explore, including blogging, creative writing, digital art, business classes, and even lifestyle.

Not only can these classes, on one of the newest free sites to improve skills, add content to your professional portfolio, but they also help improve your lifestyle. If you’ve been wanting to start a new hobby, improve your artistic hand, or explore business ventures, there are classes to help you.

Like Grammarly, there’s the option to pay, and have unlimited access to all classes on skillshare. But you can always explore the free classes before making the commitment. It’s still one of the best creative free sites to use and improve your skills. Challenge yourself, and get outside your comfort zone. Take classes that aren’t in your comfort level. You never know what path you’ll find to change your life. Or you might just learn how to impress your friends with cool new tricks.

Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills


Even if you have zero design training or experience, Canva is one of the free sites that can help turn that around. If your company suddenly wants you to create unique Instagram posts “because you’re young,” Canva helps deliver unmatched content.

They have pre-measured posts for Pinterest thumbnails, blog headers, business cards, Instagram posts, and practically any social media platform you can think of. There are templates for specific themes or layout. Once you’ve found a good base design, you can upload your own pictures and start manipulating design elements to fit your needs. You have unlimited design space and unlimited downloads available through your free account.

This serves as one of the free sites that can help you both personally and professionally. As you gain a better understanding of design and composition, you can use Canva to design and build your personal brand. It’s an easy introductory alternative to more advanced digital design programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills

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Type Racer

Got a competitive streak? This is one of the free sites that cater to that quality. Typing isn’t going away, if anything, it’s taking over more and more. Yes, the millennials, and generations, below have grown up around the technology and type more effectively than their older counter generations. But, getting faster than you are now will help improve your productivity. Improving speed and accuracy means you’ll spend less time typing allowing you to use the extra time to get more things done.

Not to mention, if you’re still in college, and you think you can type your notes while keeping up with your professor as he/she lectures, you’re probably wrong. Well, you’ll probably get quick notes, but if we’re being honest, they’re going to be littered with typos and inaccurate information. So, if you notice you’re starting to slip in your skill, use this free website.

You’ll be given a partial text to complete and the faster and more accurately you type, the faster your little car goes. It’s a fun break to take when you’re feeling brain dead. Play a few rounds, write down your best score and then see if you can beat that later in the week. You’d be surprised how much you can improve in one month if you consistently practice every few days for a few minutes.

Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills


This has become one of the most popular free sites to learn a new language on. The benefit of this free site is the app allows you to learn the language wherever you are no matter what you’re doing. Not only is it just cool to say you know another language, a 2017 article from UEI College, says you’ll have a better chance of landing a job. Not only that, you’ll likely be paid more for an hourly wage.

Learning a new language challenges the brain to think in a different way which keeps it healthy and thriving. There’s no reason to not use the full potential of one of the only free sites for languages. Once you’ve mastered one, move on to another.

Free Sites That Help You Improve Skills

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