Free Inspirational Podcasts To Hit Play On

Believe it or not, podcasts are catching on like wild fire and chances are they’re going to stay that way. Although somewhat paradoxical, while technology makes us feel more connected to one another, we’re increasingly more disconnected to ourselves. Luckily, podcasts vary in genre; there is comical, political, environmental, musical, and essentially any other type of podcast. For those of you looking for inspiration or to expand your creativity, give these free inspirational podcasts a listen. Here are the best free inspirational podcasts to put on your radar.

Free Inspirational Podcasts To Hit Play On ASAP

The Tim Ferriss Show

If you’re new to the podcast realm, start with Tim Ferriss. I personally wasn’t into podcasts until I listened to one of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts. Ferriss is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker and “self-proclaimed, ‘human Guinea pig.’” His most famous self-help novel is “The Four Hour Work Week.” His latest book, “Tribe of Mentors” allows his readers to get quick advice from some of the most successful people in the world. If you are someone who’s interested in self-help podcasts, this is the best free inspirational podcast. Some of Ferriss’ podcasts are as follows:  How to Turn Failure into Success, Lessons in Mastery and Mindfulness and Managing Procrastination, Predicting the Future, and Finding Happiness.

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Magic Lessons By Elizabeth Gilbert

That’s right, for most of you, you know her as the girl who wrote “Eat, Pray, Love.” However, I know her as the genius women author who wrote “Big Magic.” Gilbert’s podcast explores the idea of creativity. Her podcast guests Glennon Doyle Melton, writer and activist. She offers inspirational insights around grappling with creativity, motherhood and a range of other daily struggles. If you want to end your year on a high note, this is the perfect free inspirational podcast to get your creativity sparked. Personally, if you haven’t read her book “Big Magic” you absolutely should. It’s a personal favorite and forces you to look at the idea of creativity in a creative light. Some of Gilbert’s podcasts are as follows: “Do What Ignites Your Soul,” “Sexy, Dirty, Nasty, Wicked,” and “Dear Creativity and Fear.”

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A Quiet Mind

A Quiet Mind podcast is one of the best free inspirational podcasts out there; it should absolutely be on your radar. This podcast is for people looking to explore inner happiness, peace and wholeness. It’s an incredibly spiritual podcast hosted by Robert Jackson. Jackson shares his life lessons and has a relaxing vibe to it. These podcasts are focused around meditation and self-awareness.

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Girl On Guy

Remember Aisha Tyler? You know, the comedian, author and actress who was on FRIENDS? This female run podcast, Girl on Guy, interviews every guy she loves. These podcast topics range from family to issues around traumas and injuries. Girl on Guy can be summed up as a podcast about stuff guys’ love – not to say these aren’t things women love too. If you love art, culture, comedy, family, psychological issues, booze, ninjas and whatever else you could imagine, you’ll love this free female-run podcast. Give Aisha Tyler’s podcast a go.

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What are some of YOUR favorite free inspirational podcasts to listen to? Let us know!
These are the best free inspirational podcasts you need in your life!
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