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5 Free Apps That Help College Students Save, Sleep and Study

5 Free Apps That Help College Students Save, Sleep and Study

Organising your income, sleep cycle and study load is difficult! Sometimes, you need a little help to get on top of things again. Here are five free apps you can download on your phone to help you feel calm and prepared to seize the day!

1. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Do you suffer from insomnia, or frequently stay up late to finish y0ur overdue assignments? Sleeping can become difficult when you’re stressed about classes or social drama. Drowning out the world by listening to music before bed might even do you more harm than good—in fact, it might keep you up later! Download this free app for familiar, calming sounds which will soothe you into sleep. You can choose from a range of noises, including rain, crackling fires and wind chimes, to get you into the mood for sleep. You can also purchase additional sound packages, but this is not compulsory, and you still get a lot of options to choose from with the free version!

5 Free Apps That Help College Students Save, Sleep and Study

2. Daily Budget Original

University students are infamous for being short on cash. Maybe your part-time job just doesn’t pay enough. Or, maybe you spend big on the little things. Either way, this free budgeting app is perfect for you! The best part is that it does not require any banking or personal information, so all of your details will remain perfectly safe and confidential. To find out how much money you can spend each day, you just enter your income, unavoidable spending (like groceries or accomodation) and saving goals. This will help you form better spending (or should I say saving) habits!

3. Flora: Focus & Study in Forest

Are you easily distracted? Scrolling through Instagram might seem like a great decision when you’re bored, but your sleep cycle and studies might be negatively affected by it. This free app helps you to focus on real life by persuading you not to touch your phone every few minutes. It accomplishes this by growing virtual trees when you reduce your daily screen time. You can even share your accomplishments with friends, who may see when you ‘kill’ a tree by spending too much time online! This app even allows you to create to-do lists, and if you really want, set a real price you must pay after killing a tree. Overall, this app is great if you are looking to spend more time focusing on life instead of social media.

5 Free Apps That Help College Students Save, Sleep and Study

4. The Happiest Hour

If you’re a uni student, you probably want to spend as much time with your friends as possible. However, this can add up! Going out, especially for food and drinks, is not always cheap. This free app actively uses your location to source happy hour specials for you to indulge in. One great feature of this app is that it will notify you if your favourite spots change their menu prices!

5. Be Focused-Focus Timer

If you’re searching for free apps to help you break up your study load, then this perfect for you! This mobile application sets a timer for daily and weekly tasks. This way, you can smash out your assignments for each class by spending the right amount of time on them. The timer also records your progress and creates pie charts which depict how much time you have devoted to your studies. This way, you can determine how much time you need to loan to your studies every week, and how often you can go out for leisure! This is a great way to stay organised, and prepared for future assignments.

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5 Free Apps That Help College Students Save, Sleep and Study

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