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Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

There are a lot of activities around Atlanta that you can enjoy with your family and the best part about it is that it’s FREE! Despite the horrible Atlanta traffic everyone should get a chance to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. Here is a list of fun activities to do with your family that everyone will enjoy.

1.Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a great way to get out and enjoy each others company. The 185 acres of land has multiple walk/bike trails, a dog park, tennis courts, soccer fields and so much more! On Saturdays, the park hosts a Local Farmers Market that is packed with the whole community of Atlanta. 

For a change of scenery, pack a lunch, grab your favorite blanket and take the family to this park and enjoy the day by picnicking. Also, you can take a long bike ride through the park at sunset when it is not so hot. 

Check out the Piedmont Park calendar for all the events happening this fall.

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

2. Suntrust Park: The Battery

If you have not heard of The Battery you have been living under a rock! This park is home of the Braves, Literally! The baseball stadium has a grassy area for the kids to play around in, a lot of local shops and eateries to site see, and a water splash area to run through on a Hotlanta day. Oddly enough there is even a theater called The Roxy in the park. They host concerts from big names and local bands in your area.

Suntrust Park has a few activities you can enjoy for little to no money. Bring your chairs and a sports ball of your choice and you and the kids can enjoy the baseball diamond right outside the baseball stadium. On game days if you are short on cash, just bring your chair and you can watch the screen on the grassy baseball diamond while the game is going on right next to you.

Check out The Battery ATL Calendar of events for your next family outing!

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

3. Stone Mountain/Kennesaw Mountain

Stone Mountain is the best outdoor activity for those who love hiking and working out!  You can reach the top of the mountain by a 5-mile walk up trail or by the Skyride Aerial Train. The Park itself is free but the parking is a whopping $20 and the train cost depending on what time you are planning on going.

Kennesaw Mountain, on the other hand, is free! This mountain is a little different because it has the main mountain and a secondary mountain right next to it that isn’t as big. So if you are wanting to hike one for exercise, either one is fine!

Both of these mountains are great for the family to get out and enjoy the fresh air. The best time to visit is the ending of April-early May and Middle of November for weather purposes.

To find more family-friendly events, visit Stone Mountains’ webpage for more!

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

4.Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Park

MLK’s Memorial is another amazing free activity your family would love in Atlanta. The park is located in the Sweet Auburn (Historical) District of Atlanta and consists of Dr. King’s childhood home, the original Ebenezer baptist church where he spent most of his time and his burial site.

You and the family can enjoy this amazing Historical site for the low cost of free .99! They have an area for kids to play on a small playground in front of the museum as well as the first Fire station in the area that they can visit as well!  

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

5. Ponce City / Krog Street Market

Krog City Market is next on the list and is right down the street from the Historical site! Krog City Market is similar to your typical food court you’d see in your favorite mall but this one is filled with Atlanta’s own mom and pop restaurants and local shops. Krog Street is also famously known for its graffiti street tunnels that are Instagram worthy or just worthy of a picture!

See Also

Ponce City Market is very similar except it has three floors of shopping and one big food court in the center! This market is great for the family to walk around with their furry friend because it leads right onto the Beltline.

 Check out this list of events happening this fall at Ponce City Market!

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

6. Beltline 

The Beltline is a bike trail that connects all throughout Atlanta’s Midtown area. Depending on where you hop on the trail it starts from Ponce City Market and ends at Krog City Market, which if you see on a map it is on two sides of the city.

You and your family can take a nice stroll across Atlanta while eating a delicious popsicle from the famous King Of Pops! Their carts are randomly placed along the beltline and around Atlanta. There is also a skate park along the way and many people play jazz music that you can stop and take a moment to jam to! 

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

7. Centennial Olympic Park

Olympic Park; Very self-explanatory! Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics in the downtown area and the city decided to leave a very extraordinary piece of history in its place. As you walk downtown towards Olympic Park, you will see a great, big Ferris Wheel overlooking the entire city.

Across the way is the park that has the famous six rings welcoming you into the area. Inside the park, you and your family can relax on the lawn and have your self a picnic while watching your kids run through the Olympic fountain.

Free Activities In Atlanta To Do On The Weekends With Your Family

With all of these amazing family-friendly activities, you are a shoo-in for a good time! You don’t always have to spend money to have fun in Atlanta!

Have you visited Atlanta before? Do you live in Atlanta but you have never really seen your city? Tell us your favorite weekend activities below!

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