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10 Freaky Sex Positions You Need To Try

10 Freaky Sex Positions You Need To Try

Ready to spice things up in the bedroom? After a while, the standard missionary position or doggy style can get a little boring. If you and your SO are ready to take things to the next level, then you need to try these 10 freaky sex positions that will leave your partner begging for more! 

1. Bend It Like Beckham

Ladies: This is easy for you girls! Just lie down on either the bed or the floor and let your man take control! Keep your legs bent for maximum resistance. If this is too easy, try crossing your legs over his head. Make sure to hold onto his triceps for support while he bends you like Beckham! 

Gentlemen: Start off by pulling her legs up and letting them rest on your shoulders. After you have her right where you want her, slowly enter her. Pay attention to what your partner wants, sometimes moving faster or slower!

2. The Propeller

Ladies: You have it easy again! Start in missionary position and get ready for him. Once he begins to thrust, hold onto his legs and lift them as they approach your head. Around and around you go! 

Gentlemen: Similar to the 69 position, climb on top of her and start in missionary position, but face the other way. As you thrust, rotate in a circle (just like clockwork)!

3. Gold Miner

Ladies: You’re in charge this time! Start by straddling his hips and then lower yourself down onto his bulge (get ready for a great leg workout). Then, start bouncing up and down like you’re riding a horse! Hold onto his triceps for deeper penetration! 

Gentlemen: You guys deserve a break, so just lay down, relax, and bend your knees. Your woman will do the rest. 

4. Pile Driver

Ladies: I’m not going to lie, this one is difficult. To minimize your neck cramping up, be sure to keep your triceps firmly planted against the ground, and then hold onto his thighs. The world is going to be upside down for a bit, but just go with it! 

Gentlemen: Start by kneeling, then take her thighs and put her legs over your shoulders. Once she is comfortable and you have her in place, slide into her. Rock back and forth and pile drive her home!

5. Front and Center

Ladies: Face your man and mirror him. After you mount him, lean back and place your feet on his shoulders. Girls, this is 100% a g-spot pleaser! 

Gentlemen: Guys, just sit back like you’re on the beach and taking in the beautiful view. Then, lift her up off the ground and start rocking! You’ll get a good arm workout and rock her world. 

6. Deep Dive

Ladies: Start by lying on your side. Then, lift your leg up as high as you can go (you should probably stretch before attempting this one). Keep one hand stretched out in front of you for support, and use the other to guide him to your g-spot. 

Gentlemen: Snuggle up close to her as if you were going to spoon her. Use one of your hands to keep her leg up, and use the other to please her (she’ll help you out)! 

7. Grip and Go

Ladies: You two will be intertwining for this sexy move! Start by sitting on the floor and face him. interlock your legs up over his triceps, and he’ll do the same to you. Make sure you are wet before you begin (it’ll be easier for him to slip inside)!

Also, this is one of the more intimate moves because you two will be at eye level facing each other. 

Gentlemen: Mirror your lady and interlock your legs up over her arms. Get ready to grip her arms and go! You’re off to the races now! 

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8. Down and Dirty

Ladies: Girls, you have your work cut out for you! Grab a pillow and get ready to moon your man! As he tilts you towards him, use the pillow to rest your arms so they don’t get stiff. Get ready for a great arm workout!

Gentlemen: Think of this as Doggy Style 2.0! Guys, grab her ankles and lift her slowly into you. Rest her thighs on your legs and start thrusting! You’re both going to need a lot of upper body strength to be able to perform this one well.

9. Pink Flamingo

Ladies: We don’t call this the “Pink Flamingo” for nothing! You absolutely should not attempt this move if you are NOT extremely flexible! Girls, start by facing your man and then stretch one of your legs all the way up above his head (you will feel the stretch). Hold onto his neck for support and get ready for the ride! Special props to any lady willing to tackle this move in the shower! 

Gentlemen: Be a gentleman and help her lift her leg up onto your shoulder! Hold onto her waist and slip inside her. Keep the rhythm and be careful not to let her go! 

10. Bicycle Wheel

Ladies: Get ready to spin girls! Once your man is laying down, climb aboard and let him enter you. Then, turn slowly to the side and get ready to enjoy the ride! 

Gentlemen: Start off laying down on the ground and put a pillow under your head for support. Once your lady is on top of you, and you are inside of her, get ready to pick her up. Hold onto her butt and start turning her in circles as she bounces up and down. 

Which of these freaky sex positions are you going to try? Do you have any sex positions that rock your world that didn’t make this list? Spill the tea in the comments below!

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