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10 Fourth Of July Snack Ideas All Party Guests Will Love

10 Fourth Of July Snack Ideas All Party Guests Will Love

10 Fourth Of July Snack Ideas All Party Guests Will Love

When Independence Day comes around we need to know the best Fourth of July snack ideas for the ultimate celebration. Food brings people together and gives joy. Fourth of July is the most patriotic and important holiday in this country. The Fourth of July is the perfect holiday for celebrating with loved ones.

Fourth of Day is the most memorable holiday because it has the classic colors of red, white, and blue. There are so many ideas for things to day on fourth of July that it really depends on what you enjoy doing the most. If you enjoy public events like fireworks or parades then you won’t have to do much. However, if you love to have people over and are a social butterfly than you already know that fourth of July should be taken advantage of.

Hosting parties is something that is a naturally given desire to certain people. Knowing what your party guests like to eat is the first thing that you as a host would want to figure out.  You definitely do not want to disappoint your guests and want to leave a memorable impression. So where do you find good snack ideas?


To give you some ideas so to you can do for an awesome Fourth of July here are some ideas.

1. Ice cream sandwiches and sprinkles

Who does not love ice cream sandwiches? It’s the summer and ice cream is your best friend. Ice cream sandwiches are delicious because of the chocolate buns and its center. A clever way to make your ice cream sandwiches even more delicious and incorporate the fourth of July colors is by adding sprinkles. If you have three separate bowls of red, white, and blue sprinkles with the ice cream sandwiches you will be handing out, guest can add sprinkles to their sandwiches. It’s simple, practical and clever.


2. Fruit to keep fresh

Fruit is never a bad idea when it comes to survive the summer’s heat. Try using fruit to make an American flag, this is a perfect opportunity to be creative. You only need bamboo BBQ skewers along with blueberries, white marshmallows, and raspberries or strawberries. This is really up to you to use your imagination to create whichever way you want your flag to be displayed


3. Patriotic cake pops

If you love cake but do not want to overdo it then cake pops are the perfect ideas. Cake pops are cute, edible, and colorful. A good way to go about decorating your cake pops is by overing them in all red or blue and then using white stripes. Or instead of drawing white stripes you can use star-shaped sprinkles.

If you have never baked before fear not, cake pops are super easy to make.


4. Fruit and water

This is a simple but really refreshing idea. It’s the middle for the summer and you need to cool off with some fresh water. All you need is a water pitcher, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon. It is up to you if you want to cut out star shapes from watermelon. When you have an empty water pitcher you would drop in blueberries so that the bottom is covered. Then you add in water with ice along with cut pieces of strawberries and the star shaped watermelon. You add in the blueberries first and strawberries last so as to create layer.

5. Fruit and Jello cups

Jello cups are such a versatile and fun thing to make the it has to be on your list of snack ideas for Fourth of July. Fruit and jello cups are super practical to make and are guaranteed to get you guests’ attention. I think the best snack ideas are those that are simple but that you use resourcefully.


6. M&M cookie bars

If you love to bake then you will have a perfect time making these tasty M&M cookies. It really comes down to the small details that make the most creative snacks.


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7. Red, white and blue salad

This salad bowl will be absolutely delicious. You would not expect a salad bowl to have red, white and blue but with a little bit of creativity you will be able to make a patriotic salad.


8. Cupcakes

These are cute and whimsical cupcakes that your guests are guaranteed to love. These are cupcakes that you can either make yourself or you can just buy plain cupcakes that are already made and just add on to them. You can make your cakes from any flavor from chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet. As a topping you can either as blueberries alone or blueberries with strawberries. Really depends on what you like best.


9. Ice cream cones

A summer party is not complete without ice cream. A great tip for the fourth of July would be to have ice cream cones that have the blue, red, and white sprinkles around the corners. Once the ice cream is served you can put a cherry on the top to complete the visually aesthetic for the fourth of July.


10. Candy rockets

Candy are always a good snack. These fourth of July rockets can be made with airheads, life savers and pop rocks. These candies can be put on straws and can be put in any order that you would like.

Fourth of July snack ideas are best when they are made with creativity and love. Hope these ideas spark inspiration!

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