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8 Fourth Of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

8 Fourth Of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

8 Fourth Of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

Fourth of July is coming up and it is a time to party! Family and friends come from all over to meet up and have this celebration where it is inevitable to pop open a bottle of wine or share a beer.

However, different games involve different rules depending on the age of everybody. If it is primarily family-friendly, then try to include family-friendly games that use different teams to be different families. If everybody if over drinking age, you can do drinking games with everybody. If it is a kids party, try to do less educational games and more outdoor activities.

Here are eight party games all your guests will love on this upcoming day!


1. Capture The American Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic family game played at almost every family gathering. Here, each team has an American Flag and one team has to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their home territory. If a player is tagged by the opposing team, they are out of the game. It’s a simple game, but it is fun when it has a lot of people involved.


2. Patriotic Beer Pong

Of course, only play this if the guests are of drinking age. Patriotic beer pong consists of red, white, and blue cups and keeps the same rules of beer pong. However, at the end of this game, the losers chug down a bottle of beer per person.

3. Fireworks in the Sky – DRINK!

In this game, it is very simple. Every time a firework goes out in the sky, you have to drink the entirety of whatever drink you have. It could be a full beer, half a shot, or any type of drink. The person who holds their tolerance by the end of the night will win the game. Only play this game if everybody is of drinking age.


4. Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Set up in your home a scavenger hunt consisted of historical knick-knacks and have the entire family look all over the yard for these items. The person who finds the Declaration of Independence wins.

Some things you can include in the hunt can be a constitution, a mini-flag, a war hat, or other American history knickknacks.

Try to exclusively leave this in the backyard because it will be very messy if it is indoors.


5. Charades

Every basic family event includes charades. Try to do an American history version of charades with the family and the team with the most correct guesses will win.

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You can act out different wars and outcomes. Also, you can try to act out being one of the presidents based on their actions.

6. Fourth of July Jar

Fill up a jar with red, white, and blue jelly beans and have everybody guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. The winner gets a special prize from the party. It is a very simple game but it involves everybody.


7. American History Jeopardy

Everybody gets competitive with jeopardy. Have a family team version of jeopardy and whoever wins the game will get a prize based on the party. Use facts from American history and try to get the entire family involved.

8. Patriotic Bingo

If your family is primarily consisted of the older group, try to do a patriotic version of bingo that has to do with American history facts. You can find online prints of bingo and use it based on different decades for American history. Try to stay toward American independence theme, but you can also go off presidents bingo, war bingo, decades bingo, civil rights bingo, or other topics in history.


What are your favorite Fourth of July games? What are your guest’s favorite activities? Tell us in the comments!

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