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10 Fourth Of July Drinks To Help You Celebrate The Right Way

10 Fourth Of July Drinks To Help You Celebrate The Right Way

10 Fourth Of July Drinks To Help You Celebrate The Right Way

It’s the Fourth of July, you’ve got friends out the wazoo and all of them are looking to you to create some sweet drinks to down as you watch the pretty fireworks. Sounds good to me, but why not set that peach vodka aside and bring something that’ll actually knock everyone’s boots off.

1. Yellowhammer (AKA the “Alabama Slammer”)

A cocktail comprised of amaretto, orange juice, and rum, this sweet country drink will put you in just the right mood to buy some bootleg fireworks and attempt not to set the neighborhood ablaze. No but for real, it wouldn’t have two names unless it tasted good… Right? Also it looks kind of pretty due to the orange juice.

10 Fourth Of July Drinks To Help You Celebrate The Right Way

2. Red White & Blue Vodka-Lemonade Slush

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Hop on your college life horse, prepare that vodka lemonade, and freeze three patriotic colors to impress those party guests. It might melt in the hot summer sun, but the sugar from the lemonade will keep it tasting fine enough even once it’s gone from slushie to liquid form.

3. Watermelon Sparkler

Vodka. Watermelon juice. Lime juice. A heaping helping of Sprite. And there you have it, serve those babies up in mason jars with some straws attached and you should have no small number of takers. Another festive summer drink, if you’re feeling fancy you can even leave a wedge of watermelon or lime on the outside of the jars to give it a fun look.

10 Fourth Of July Drinks To Help You Celebrate The Right Way

4. Firecracker Cocktail

The recipe is a little more complex, but if you’re looking for a more sophisticated drink than vodka + juice then this is probably the right poison for your guest crowd. Watermelon, lime, rum, Triple sec, and cayenne pepper. Balance however you’d like, serve in a tall glass, and bam. You’re killing adulthood. Killing it.

5. Jello Shots

On the other side of the spectrum, who cares about acting like an adult, it’s the Fourth of July baby!!!!!!! Make some red and blue jello with whatever clear liquor you happen to have hidden away for the next Bacchus occasion and fill those suckers up to the brim. Just make sure to warn your guests not to take too many. Please, please warn them. They taste like delicious Jello and the streets are going to be too crowded to drive anybody to the ER in a decent time tonight.

6. Blueberry Cocktail

Blueberries, mint, lime, plus ice, honey, and vodka. What does that give you? Well, you already saw the title. Garnish this one however you’d like, but I recommend some blueberries or lemon on the side. Another rich summer drink to keep your taste buds entertained and your buzz strong during that hour-long marathon of watching fireworks.

10 Fourth Of July Drinks To Help You Celebrate The Right Way

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7. All-American Daiquiri

We’re making this with a strawberry base, so if that suits your tastes then be sure to stay tuned. White rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, many frozen strawberries, and coconut cream. Strawberries and rum go on the bottom, everything else fills the layer on top. Slap some whipped cream and a cherry over that and you’re really cooking with a beautiful drink to fit one All-American holiday.

8. Pop Rock Cocktail

It’s a regular cocktail, a sweet one preferably, except the rim is lined with Pop Rocks. Sound gross? It isn’t! Like all party games, the experience of drinking these with your friends will feel mortifying until you’re all giggling over your tingly lips and having a fun time. Use caramel or lemon juice to stick them on. Line the glasses before you add the drinks in order to prevent excess Pop Rocks from spilling in and then you’re ready to party.

9. Hurricane

Sure you’ve heard of these Fourth of July drinks, ordered it a time or two, but have you ever actually made one? It’s not hard at all, just grab your rum, lemon juice, and add some passion fruit syrup. The syrup will give the drink a fun color that resembles bright orange. Serve with lemon slices and twisty or bendy straws if you’re feeling playful.

10. Frozen Margaritas

Growing up in Texas, I had to put these on the list. What beats a cool and refreshing marg? If frozen isn’t your thing, make some iced and add salt. These are the ultimate relaxer for a long day, so sip your margarita on your front lawn and watch as your neighbor’s children threaten the sanctity of fire safety with a pack of Roman Candles.

Got any favorite drinks? Mix them up special for the coming holidays!
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