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5 Fourth Of July Cake Decorating Ideas

5 Fourth Of July Cake Decorating Ideas

5 Fourth Of July Cake Decorating Ideas

The Fourth of July is fast approaching and you’ve been tasked with the duty of bringing a sweet dessert. The only problem? You are unsure how to decorate that cake you had in mind to bake. Well not to worry! Here are a few Fourth of July cake decorating ideas to give you a little inspiration!

1. Candy Kaboom

Candy is truly the gift that keeps on giving and should be used as part of your Fourth of July cake decorations to make fireworks. Whether you’re using red and blue M&Ms, Swedish fish, or Twizzlers, you’re bound to have a firework that looks cute and flashy. The best part about this decoration is that you have a little snack while you make your masterpiece. This cake decoration will give your friends a little added sugar rush with every bite!

2. Fruit Filled Flag

Looking to make your cake a little healthier this Fourth of July? Well, turn to some natural decorations in the form of fruit! You’re still going to want to have a white frosting base, but for the red stripes, you’re going to use either strawberries or raspberries. And blueberries are perfect for the star section! On top of the blueberries for the stars, you can even add in white dots of frosting as stars if you feel so inclined. Either way, this decorated cake will leave your guests feeling refreshed and satisfied!


3. Food Coloring Firecracker Cake

This cake is a party on the outside and the inside. On its outer features, this bunt cake is draped in red white and blue frosting which messily drips down the side of the surface. When cut into, the red and blue food dye add an extra effect. You’re going to need a cake mix, red and blue frosting, red and blue food coloring, and lot’s of sprinkles. The whimsical and fun design makes this a hit for any Fourth of July party!

4. Frosted Stars and Stripes

If you have a steady hand and are familiar with frosting techniques, a detailed frosted flag is the way to go. You’re going to want to grab some red, white and blue frosting and a cake icer. For the stripes, try to keep your red and white sections as neat as possible. Make sure to leave the left corner open for the star section too! If you feel you cannot frost the stars small enough, you can always use candy white stars instead of frosting them.

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5. Patriotic Paper Toppers

When in doubt, just use simple paper toppers. Whether its a star, flag, or cute saying, a topper is bound to bring attention to your cake. Plus they are super easy to decorate. It’s impossible to mess up this decoration. Just stick them on and voila! You have a patriotic dish to share with all your friends!

It can be stressful trying to decorate your cake for the Fourth of July party, but it should be more fun than anything. Most of us are not professional bakers. So if you make mistakes, just go with it. Who knows, your mistake may lead you down a decorating path you never even thought of before!

Have your own Fourth of July cake decoration ideas? Share with us in the comments section!

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