Foreign TV Shows You Can Watch At Netflix If You Want To Learn A New Language

You want to learn a different language, maybe for business purposes, to impress his or her family, or because of boredom. So, you buy the Rosetta Stone as your start. And now it’s sitting somewhere on top of your closet collecting dust because you find it too hard to learn another language. If only there was a better way for you to soak up a language without any difficulties. If only there was a natural way to learn a language. You might’ve looked up those YouTube videos that claim you can learn a certain language by listening to that audio while you sleep and when you awake, you will be fluent in that language. But when you tried, it was all a lie. 

However, we do learn a lot from TV, especially language. Most of us learned how to say hola from Dora The Explora, which proves that you can learn a lot from TV, including another language. Luckily, there are a lot of foreign TV shows on Netflix to assist you on your path to learning a different language. Don’t worry, Netflix does provide subtitles for you to comprehend. 

1. Spanish 

La Reina Del Sur is a Telenovela available on Netflix and can help you familiarize yourself with comprehending the Spanish language. The “Queen of the South” Teresa is now in hiding under the name Maria, however, her hiding foreshortens when her daughter is kidnapped by her enemies. The Latin American tv series holds a lot of the dramatic flair to keep you entertained and is only in Spanish, so you can get comfortable with hearing Spanish. It does help to repeat what you hear and to write down words you don’t understand to research their meanings afterward. 

Foreign TV Shows You Can Watch At Netflix If You Want To Learn A New Language

2. German

Although there’s only one season (which is the case for a lot of shows on Netflix) Cherité is a German TV show drama about a young nanny Ida Lenzewho is sick with tuberculosis and goes to the Berline Charité hospital, where Dr. Robert Kock works on a tuberculosis cure, which attracts two physicians and an actress. The entire series is in German and contains subtitles to help you understand. 

3. Portuguese 

If you are looking for foreign TV shows that are in Portuguese, Sintonia is the show for you to watch. It is a great teen Brazillian show about childhood friends taking different paths in their teenage lives, however, they start to rely on each other when they begin seeing the consequences for their mistakes. For some, there is an English voice-over and it can get annoying since the voice is off from the video, you can go into the settings of the episode you are watching and change the audio back to the original.

Foreign TV Shows You Can Watch At Netflix If You Want To Learn A New Language


4. French

Pop the cork off your favorite wine and pop the popcorn with this French drama, The Hookup Plan. Elsa, the main character, is still obsessed with her ex two years after the breakup. But when she meets the sexy schoolteacher, Jules, everything changes for her. The drama touches on romance and friendships because, of course, romance drama is nothing without supportive friends. It’s one of the most entertaining foreign TV shows and perfect to binge with the girls or alone. 

Foreign TV Shows You Can Watch At Netflix If You Want To Learn A New Language

5. Japanese

For those looking for teen foreign TV shows in Japanese, you will love Switched. It’s about a high school girl named Ayumi who is asked out by her crush, which makes her the happiest person in the world until jealous Zenko steals Ayumi’s body, boyfriend, and life.  The drama in this show will entertain you while you are picking up the Japanese language. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to explain it to people around you in Japanese. 

6. Hindi

Who knew foreign TV shows that are focused on a dystopian society could be equally entertaining as English ones (some are better than the English ones) like this Hindi show on Netflix Leila. It is about a woman who searches for her daughter that she lost when she was arrested years ago. The show takes place in a dystopian future where margined communities are segregated. Although it only has one season, it is still worth your time to watch and to learn the Hindi language. 

7. Italian

Baby is your typical teenage tv series about a student-athlete Chiara at an elite private high school who forms a bond with rebel Ludovica and the mysterious Damiano. Even though she’s a good student, she is the exact opposite at night when her scandalous secret life comes to play. Enjoy learning Italian while watching this draw dropping television series. 

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Foreign TV Shows You Can Watch At Netflix If You Want To Learn A New Language

8. Mandarin 

You know how they say don’t mix personal life with business? Well, this Mandarin drama does the exact opposite when a leukemia-diagnosed actress gets involved in a marriage pact with a young CEO. But soon, business is forgotten and things get personal in the rom-com Well-Intended Love. You will fall in love with the series as the two main characters partake in an unintentional journey of romance and you will fall in love with learning Mandarin. 

9. Russian

If you are wanting to learn Russian Better Than Us is a great show to watch for entertainment and to learn, viewer discretion is advised. The show is about a family who is about to split, become owners of a robot that is wanted by a corporation, homicide investigators, and terrorists. This show received a one-hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes and is worth your attention. Get drawn to the action and drama while soaking in the Russian language with the option of subtitles available (recommended to have on considering Russian is a hard language to learn). 

10. Korean

The Lies Within is a binge-worthy show to watch on Netflix and is perfect for those who are looking to learn Korean. Having the subtitles on is highly recommended because just like Russian, Korean is a difficult language to learn. The show is about Kim Seo-Hui who teams up with detective Jo Tae-Sik after her father dies and her husband goes missing.  She joins the National Assembly as an attempt to save her husband. Not only will you be learning Korean, but you will also be drawn to the drama. 

Foreign TV Shows You Can Watch At Netflix If You Want To Learn A New Language

It is hard to learn a language and can get frustrating, which is why learning it from foreign TV shows will help. Share with those friends who are looking to learn a new language and comment on the languages you want to learn. 

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