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10 Foolproof Ways To Stay Awake Without Coffee

10 Foolproof Ways To Stay Awake Without Coffee


Now I know there’s a Starbucks or Dunkin on every corner, and it’s a lot easier to resort to our favorite caffeine beverage to get us through the day. But, what you probably don’t know is just how hazardous coffee can really be. There’s so many different pros and cons to the life of a coffee addict, but what else can you do to stay awake? These are some of the best ways to stay awake without coffee.

1. Hit the Gym

This is probably the single easiest and most efficient way to get your energy levels up. Going to the gym, doing meditation, yoga, boxing, or any other type of exercise will keep you energetic all day. Spending even as little as 30 minutes doing some high-energy calorie burning will keep your mind away from catching Z’s.

2. Try Tea

Even though you can cure your sweet-tooth with a nice Starbucks Double Chocolately-Chip Frappuchino, you can do the same with your tea. Adding honey and sugar can make the biggest change in the world, and it’s still a good source of caffeine. If you’re really addicted to your sweets, this is the perfect fix to stay away from those coffee-cons.



3. Get More Sleep

There’s nothing better for your body than some sleep. Even if you’re the busiest person on the planet, you NEED sleep. It’s essential to your energy levels, and without it your body wouldn’t be able to rest up and function the next day. I have nothing left to say.

4. Eat Healthier

Even though all foods should be a good source of energy, there’s specific types that’ll really keep you active and energetic all day. Protein should be your first option for energy. It stimulates your brain and releases a neurotransmitter that keeps you awake. After that, hit up the leafy greens, different nuts, beans, cheese, eggs, and maybe even some cereal. Just be mindful of what you’re putting in your body.


5. Change Environments

Try going outside, opening a window, getting some fresh air, and relaxing a bit. Fresh air often times does the trick for tired eyes. Go explore somewhere you’ve never been, and change the scenery for a bit. It’ll get your mind working and processing things a little differently.

6. More Music

Turn up your music… all the way. Loud, upbeat music can completely change the course of your day. If you have trouble staying awake, it’s time to have your own dance party.



7. H2O!!!

Water is sooooooooo important. Not only will a couple cups of water help you stay awake, but it has other health benefits as well. Drinking water will make you feel so much more alert. If you take little breaks to drink water, it’ll give you a chance to recuperate and gather yourself in the middle of any strenuous activities.

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8. Turn on the Lights

Bright lights will wake your brain up. Even if it’s natural lighting, (going outside / near a window) it’ll tell your eyes it’s time to do work. Bright lights signal the brain to start working. Try it out for yourself, but I’m telling you right now dim lighting will only put you right to sleep.


9. Mental Toughness

Doing small things like writing notes could actually be a game changer. If you write down something every so often, your brain wakes up and tries to engage more with whats going on around you. Socializing does the trick too, because it keeps you involved with your surroundings.

10. Laugh More

Just like socializing, laughing will keep you engaged in conversation. Watching a funny YouTube video or Snapchat story will keep you entertained, but don’t mistake this as a good way to procrastinate. Anything comedic will help your brain stay stimulated, and plus, who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Have any other major suggestions about how to stay awake without coffee? Share with your friends and comment below on some ideas to keep your head off the pillow!

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