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Foods You Need At Your FSU Friendsgiving

Foods You Need At Your FSU Friendsgiving

Whether you’re traveling home to spend the holiday with family, or staying at FSU this Thanksgiving season- you’ll likely be either hosting or attending a Friendsgiving. Friendsgivings at FSU are unique because Tallahassee’s southern roots and your friends’ college-style cooking will likely influence your spread. These are some of my favorite recipes and fall-foods that you will want to incorporate into your FSU Friendsgiving. Even the pickiest eaters can’t turn down these fall favorite dishes.

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is always a staple item at Thanksgiving, so what would a Friendsgiving be without one? Head over to the Trader Joe’s on Thomasville Road and be sure to pick up an authentic, freshly made, pumpkin pie from their bakery section. With flavors from real pumpkin, fresh ingredients, and a low price, this is the ideal dessert for your Friendsgiving. Trader Joe’s pumpkin pies are perfect for an FSU Friendsgiving because they require little to no effort from a busy student, and taste delicious! These pies are intended to serve six to eight people and are priced at an affordable $5.99. Dessert is a fan favorite at Friendsgivings, so make sure that your name is on one of the best ones there. Do yourself a favor when planning your Friendsgiving, and be sure to volunteer to bring dessert so that you can save some time and money, while also bringing one of the most delicious dishes!

Foods You Need At Your FSU Friendsgiving

Green Bean Casserole

Side dishes don’t have to be complicated or despised by most. Being one of the tastiest and healthier side dishes at Thanksgiving, green bean casserole will surely have your friends licking their lips and asking for seconds. The first time I tried green bean casserole was actually at a Friendsgiving celebration years ago. My friend had insisted I tried this staple and kept easy to follow recipes for years to come. Although green bean casserole may not be as simple as picking up a pie from Trader Joe’s, this side dish will be worth your effort and appreciated by all. Southern Living’s “Old School” recipe is said to take 50 minutes and only includes 4 steps. Make this recipe a few days in advance and bake on the day of Friendsgiving to ensure that it is top quality. Your friends will be impressed by your cooking skills and asking for leftovers to bring home. Green bean casserole is a recipe that will bring you and your Seminole friends’ reminders of home and full bellies on your Friendsgiving celebration.

Foods You Need At Your FSU Friendsgiving

Baked Mac and Cheese

A gooey southern staple, easily the true star of the holidays, and the highlight of leftovers- is baked mac and cheese. If you take the time to make it correctly, mac and cheese is a fan favorite dish that everyone in my house fights for the last bite of. Savory layers of different cheeses, thick noodles- there’s not much to dislike here. Though, baked mac and cheese is one of the more time consuming and complicated recipes, so I recommend asking a friend to make this dish with you. This recipe from Southern Living will take roughly 50 minutes for one dish that serves six to eight people. Although it is a bit of a hassle, baked mac and cheese is crucial to Friendsgiving, especially one at a southern school like Florida State. But when tackling this recipe with a friend, you can both create a mouth-watering mac and cheese in little to no time! Just remember to take your time, make it with care, and you will be the hero of your Friendsgiving by volunteering to bring this cheesy and delicious dish that is loved by all.

Foods You Need At Your FSU Friendsgiving

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

Simple, savory and accepted by all- buttermilk biscuits. Many people do not think to bring biscuits to Friendsgiving, but this southern staple is one that will go with every dish and one that everyone will want seconds of. Best of all, it’s one of the easier foods to make and will take little of your time. The spruce eats has a recipe that takes only 22 minutes to make and provides twelve servings. Just from the photos alone, it’s clear that these biscuits will be worth the calories and easy to inhale. Buttermilk biscuits are practically required at an FSU Friendsgiving with their southern charm, easy to make recipes and melt in your mouth taste. Serve them with jam, honey, butter, or even ham inside- there is no wrong way to eat this beautiful dish. Don’t be afraid to bring buttermilk biscuits to your next Friendsgiving- this easy to make recipe will be a crowd favorite and amplify your other dishes.

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Foods You Need At Your FSU Friendsgiving

Bourbon Pumpkin Smash

Preparations for Friendsgivings can be tiring and stressful, so be a true Seminole and contribute a dish that will relax your friends and start the celebrations. Rather than settling for customary white claws or margaritas, try a more festive recipe this fall season. Bourbon pumpkin smashes are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays, and also get smashed doing it. This recipe from includes real pumpkin flavors, lemon juice, brown sugar, and more- to make the perfect melt in your mouth cocktail. If you are someone who is not excited about cooking but can support your friends’ drinking needs, this is the perfect drink to bring to your Friendsgiving. This recipe is for one to two cocktails, but it can easily be multiplied to make enough for everyone. Bourbon pumpkin smashes will definitely be a hit at your FSU Friendsgiving, and may even be the reason you all end up at Township later.

Foods You Need At Your FSU Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a time to celebrate not only friendships but also being a Seminole, and attending one of the greatest universities in the country. Celebrate like a true Nole with delicious southern foods, your best friends, and seasonal drinks. There’s nothing like the holidays at Florida State, especially when surrounded by your best friends and enjoying delicious foods. Use these recipes to make your Friendsgiving at FSU one to remember for years to come.

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