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12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer

12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer

12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer

Hot weather, short shorts, snow cones; yes, ladies and gentlemen, summer is approaching! With that being said, the endless barbeques and cookouts are on their way and their coming quick. Like every other summer, the typical foods will be offered, but here is list of 12 foods that are especially good if you have to cook on a gas grill! We’ll start off with some veggies for my people who don’t eat meat or want a healthier option and then we’ll get to the meat lovers,

Grilled Corn

Corn has always been a staple side dish in many plates. This time, instead of small kernels of corn, you can lay the whole dang cob on the grill! All you have to do is throw some salt and pepper and a little butter on that thang and slap it on the grill. Some people add spicy seasoning and maybe even some mayonnaise in a cup to take it to the next level!

12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer

Grilled Peppers

Now, I’m not a huge fan of bell peppers whatsoever, but it seems to be a popular choice of many people. You can do the peppers by themselves or you can do stuffed bell peppers and add any ingredient you desire. A popular choice of pepper is the pesto-corn pepper and people also like to add mash potatoes in them as well if you want to stay away from the meats when you cook on a gas grill.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Another thing to cook on a gas grill is stuffed mushrooms. There are many ways to make stuffed mushrooms. Just like the bell peppers, you can add whatever ingredients you have a taste for. After you stuff them, cover them in butter spray and get them on the grill!


It may sound funny, but grilled pineapples have a delicious taste when cooked on a gas grill and add some interesting flavor to your dish. You can cut the pineapple in circles or half circles to make it easy to grill and it requires little to no seasoning at all!

12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer

Balsamic Grilled Steak

Another great grilled dish is steak of course! Flavoring the steak any way you like and adding it on top of some spinach or lettuce can make a great salad. People also suggest you throw some slices of peach on the grill, to have a savory sweet dish.

12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer


Now this one is a gimme. Grilled chicken will forever be one of the best things to cook on a gas grill. Season your chicken with some salt, red pepper flakes, a little bit of black pepper and it will be the hit of the cookout! If you’re not a fan of spicy, you don’t have to add the red pepper flakes, you can actually add some lemon to it to give it extra flavor!

Grilled Shrimp

Another classic food to cook on a gas grill, is shrimp! This can be any kind of shrimp, from small, jumbo, peeled or unpeeled, it doesn’t matter! You can grill this any way you like and pair it with some grilled, red onion and you can even add the grilled corn to the dish as well. You can eat this dish alone, or you can grab a tortilla and make a taco out of it!

12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer


This type of dish can literally include anything that you want. Skewers are just a combination of ingredients that you put on a stick and enjoy. They are mess free because you can just throw it away when you’re done with it.

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12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer


There are so many different types of sausage which makes it perfect choice to cook on a gas grill. You can season it any way you like, but most of them don’t need any seasoning at all because they are jam packed with flavor. Some people like their sausage lightly grilled while others want to see the black on that thang! Either way is scrumptious.

Foil Packs

This is perfect idea if you’re cooking on a gas grill. Foil packs are just what they sound like; packs of food wrapped in foil. The most popular kind is when you have shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and some squash, add a little butter in it, wrap it up and throw it on the grill! Some foil packs include peppers, corn, sausage, and veggies. The choice is yours!


Salmon is one of the best meats to put cook on a gas grill! Many people slice it up and put slices of lemon on top, and then add their choice of seasoning. Leave it on the grill until it starts to have black on it, for blackened Salmon or if you’re not into that, grill it for about 7 minutes and enjoy!


Last, but certainly not least is the all-time favorite, the hamburger. We all know, when we go to cookouts, the person grilling has control over the way things are cooked and that’s fine with us! Any way or style your family and friends like can be grilled on a gas grill along with any toppings they so choose!

12 Foods You Can Cook On A Gas Grill This Summer

All of these foods to cook on a gas grill have different interpretations. You can add or take out anything that you’d like, so don’t think these are the set ways to make them! Cooking on a gas grill helps maintain and even intensify the flavors of the food, so either way, you’ll have a banger!

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