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Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party, Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

The best thing about the Super Bowl is definitely the parties. Okay, I could be letting the point of the Super Bowl fly over my head, but the parties are seriously great. What makes them so great is not just watching all the commercials with your buds, but it’s the food. Super Bowl party food is unmatched. The food almost matters just as much as who’s playing! Well, maybe not, but it kind of does, let’s be honest. Nobody wants lame food at a Super Bowl party! Whether you’re doing it potluck style or just one person is making all the food, these foods BETTER be at your Super Bowl party:

1. Sweet meatballs

Sweet meatballs are going first on this list because if there is anything you should have at your Super Bowl party this is it. They will seriously be a hit, take my word for it, I could eat like 45 of these meatballs. Not to mention they are extremely easy to make. I don’t cook, like at all, and I can even make these. To serve them, just put them in a bowl with some toothpicks. If they even make it to the table, they’re just that good. You can check out a recipe for this dish here.

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

2. Chips and salsa

A Super Bowl party needs a variety of dips if you want it to even be kind of successful. The first one I’ll mention if the classic chips and salsa. I have never heard of anyone disliking chips and salsa, so it’s a pretty safe thing to have at the party. I’m sure there are people that don’t like chips and salsa, but there is no way those people have friends so they wouldn’t even get invited to the party in the first place. Also, I’m going to be straight up and say there is no need to make your own homemade salsa unless you’re a bit of try-hard. You can buy some at the store, there is always a great variety!

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

3. Cheese platter

Finger foods are always great to have at Super Bowl parties. Cheese platters pretty much satisfy everyone. Your cheese platter of course can’t JUST have cheese. You need some crackers and meat to make little sandwiches. Everyone can of course just eat the crackers, meat, or cheese alone as they’d like and mix them altogether. It gives your guests an easy option, plus who doesn’t love a good cheese platter. 

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

4. Hot wings

Hot wings are a given. I don’t even know why I’m putting them on this list. You’d be crazy not to have hot wings at your Super Bowl party. I don’t even think you could classify it as a Super Bowl party if there aren’t any hot wings there. You’ll definitely have some disappointed guests, that’s for sure. You can make them yourself, but once again, save yourself the trouble and just buy some from your local wing joint. 

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

5. Buffalo chicken dip

I’m telling you, if I went to a Super Bowl party and there was buffalo chicken dip, I would pay attention to it and only it. As you know, buffalo chicken dip is godly. It’s a hit at any kind of party. If  had to name one party that buffalo chicken dip had to be at, it would be a Super Bowl party. This is something you seriously need. You can buy it at some stores, but I highly suggest making it yourself. It’s super simple. You can check out this great recipe

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

6. Walking tacos

If you want something a little more fun for your Super Bowl party, try walking tacos! Walking tacos are pretty common at high school football concession stands, so why not bring it to the Super Bowl party. They’re simple, fun, and delicious. There are a couple ways to go about it. Here’s one recipe to get you started.

7. Hot dogs

Having hamburgers at a Super Bowl party is a given. However, you should ALWAYS have hot dogs as an option. Not everybody might be feeling a hamburger. Most of the time, if they aren’t in the mood for a hamburger, then they’re more than likely in the mood for a hot dog. Unless they are vegetarian, of course. Make sure not to forget all the toppings!

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Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

8. Deviled eggs

Yay! Finger foods! Deviled eggs are entirely underappreciated. They’re a great finger food and are seriously packed with protein. Not everybody loves them, but the people who do love them SERIOUSLY love them. They aren’t too challenging to make, but they seriously look awesome when you have them all dressed up. They’ll make a great presentation. Check out this deviled eggs recipe for your Super Bowl party.

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

9. Jalapeno poppers 

You definitely need to add some spice to this Super Bowl party with some jalapeno poppers. They’re cheesy, they’re spicy, and most importantly they’re tasty! Not everyone can handle the spice, but it’ a Super Bowl party and you can live a little! There are some made with cheddar cheese or cream cheese, but they are both to die for You can buy these to make in the oven, or you can challenge yourself and make them yourself! If you want to make them yourself, check out this great recipe

Foods You Absolutely NEED At Your Super Bowl Party

Your Super Bowl party is bound to be a hit with any or all of these foods. Everyone is going to be satisfied. They’ll have full tummies while cheering on their favorite team. Most importantly, you’ll be crowned “best Super Bowl party hot of the year.” That’s definitely a title to brag about. Make sure to make plenty of food for all the hungry party goers. All these foods will be gone in an instant. The only bad thing is that there won’t be any left overs! I wouldn’t complain though! It won’t matter who wins or loses the Super Bowl. Everyone will be a winner with all this great food. 

What food do you plan on having at your Super Bowl party?

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