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13 Foods To Try If You’re Craving Sweets

13 Foods To Try If You’re Craving Sweets

Sometimes you cannot completely kill your sweet-tooth cravings, but other times, with a little creativity and determination, you can find an amazing substitute! The trick is narrowing down what kind of craving you have and satisfying it with something that is healthier. If you are only craving sweets because you are hungry, maybe you just need something different than what you usually eat to trick your stomach.

If you are wanting something sweet, try one of these foods instead!

1. Fruity smoothies

Instead of driving to the store for ice cream, or making a milkshake run, try making a smoothie! When we crave ice cream, we are usually wanting something cold, icy, and sweet. Why not blend up some of nature’s candy for a delicious, refreshing treat? Add in your favorite milk and a couple of ice cubes and you can make a healthy, fruit-packed dessert for less than that milkshake you wanted in the first place! Smoothies are an easy way to ensure you are eating enough fruit every day and will keep you full for hours.

13 Foods To Try If You're Craving Sweets

2. Cinnamon Toast

While you could go for a handful of cereal or some of your favorite cookies, why not try a fun twist on something most of us like already? Whether you choose to pop a slice of bread into the toaster, or pre-butter your bread and sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar before popping it into the oven, you cannot go wrong! This might not be the healthiest of snacks, it is a relatively low-calorie way to satisfy that craving you have for something sweet.

3. Yogurt

Opt for regular yogurt instead of frozen! Instead of being loaded with sugar and calories, opt for your favorite yogurt and top it with your favorite fruits, or granola. This option is much more filling than the sugary frozen alternative and is packed with things that are actually good for you! Plus, it will cost less than going out to get frozen yogurt.

13 Foods To Try If You're Craving Sweets

4. Nuts

Chocolate covered nuts are a much healthier alternative to sugary candy! While they can be just as high in calories, they have many more benefits! Give chocolate-covered almonds, peanuts, or whatever kind of nuts you like a try before reaching for a bag of candy. Your body will thank you later.

5. Fruit Salad

Since fruit is nature’s candy, why not snack on a bowl of delicious, refreshing fruit instead of sugary candy? If we are honest, most of us would rather snack on fruit salad than junk food anyways. So treat yourself, and your body, to some of your favorite fruits packed with so many great nutrients and vitamins! You will feel great afterward!

13 Foods To Try If You're Craving Sweets

6. Veggies

Sometimes our cravings for sweets result from boredom hunger or a desire for something different. Instead of caving to those cravings, try eating something that is more filling than sweets and desserts! After you’ve had a handful of baby carrots, or eaten a veggie-packed salad, you will probably find those cravings are gone. Try out a couple of different types until you find a vegetable you truly love!

7. Muffins

While muffins could technically be considered a sweet, if they are homemade, you know exactly what you are putting inside of them! You can reduce the amount of sugar, and increase the amount of healthy and wonderful ingredients inside your muffins. Whether you choose to go for berries, bananas, or chocolate chips, you cannot go wrong with making some of these delicious treats from scratch!

13 Foods To Try If You're Craving Sweets

8. Protein Bites

These are readily available at most grocery and department stores, or you can roll up your own at home! Not only are these a great variation to add to your diet, but they are a fun, easy snack to take on-the-go. No matter if you are running errands and are suddenly craving sweets, or are at home, craving something sweet after dinner, these are the perfect solution! There are so many varieties to choose from you can certainly find your perfect flavor of protein bites.

9. Pears, Honey and Greek Yogurt

While this combination might not be for everyone, it is a wonderful mix of all things filling and sweet! The balance of the pears, Greek yogurt, and honey is a great snack you can have any time of day. Try this as a mid-morning snack, or even as a dessert!

13 Foods To Try If You're Craving Sweets

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10. Banana Bread

This treat makes an amazing breakfast, snack, or dessert! Instead of reaching for those crinkly-wrapped sweets in the store or in your pantry, make your own breaded-treats. You can control the ingredients you incorporate and most importantly, the calories! Packaged sweets can be loaded with calories and often leave us unsatisfied. Try making your own for something much more healthy and satisfying!

11. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is often something we enjoy in the cooler months, or maybe even before we go to bed. Depending on if you mix your cocoa powder with milk or water, it can be relatively low-calorie! Think of it as a low-calorie milkshake or blended drink! It is perfect for any time of year.

13 Foods To Try If You're Craving Sweets

12. Chia Pudding

If you are unaware of the amazing benefits of chia seeds, they are low-calorie seeds that are packed with so many nutrients! They are low-carb and high in fiber, as well as protein. Whether you choose to make them into a pudding with other ingredients or incorporate them into other foods, you cannot go wrong!

13. Chocolate Dipped Fruit

These are perhaps one of the best foods on this list to kill your cravings for sweets! While you will be eating a good amount of chocolate, you could certainly argue that the fruit balances it out. It is the perfect combination of sweet and healthier without having to sacrifice the things you love! Whether you love chocolate-covered bananas, pineapple, strawberries, or more, you can certainly kill those cravings for junk food with these rich treats!

13 Foods To Try If You're Craving Sweets

Which of these foods will you be trying soon to kill those cravings? Comment what looks tasty below!

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