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8 Foods To Eat If You’ve Reached A Weight Loss Plateau

A weight loss plateau can be a tough thing to overcome. You’ve been trying to lose some weight and things have been going brilliantly so far. But you’ve just started to notice recently that nothing seems to be shifting anymore. Well welcome to the weight loss plateau, it’s a bloody nightmare. But don’t worry, here are 8 Foods To Eat When You’ve Reached A Weight Loss Plateau.

1. Raspberries and Broccoli

These two fruits might be the key to get you back on track with your weight loss goals. They’re both a rich source of fiber i.e. the ingredient that makes you feel super full after you’ve had a meal. It’s also the main ingredient responsible for insulin sensitivity which will stop your body from hanging onto all the sugary stuff that’s hanging around in all the other foods you’re eating and probably preventing you from losing any more weight. If you’ve reached a weight loss plateau then get some fiber back in your body using raspberries and broccoli.

2. Eggs and Chicken

You must’ve heard this a million times but protein is the key to weight loss! You need to eat it with every meal if you want to see an improvement and it might be exactly what’s stopping you from losing more weight if you’re neglecting it from your diet. The best way to get it in? Eggs and chicken. They’re both yummy, easy to pair with meals and packed full of protein. You need protein to help restore your muscles after exercise and drop those pounds. If your weight loss plateau is getting you down, it’s time to pull out a poached egg.

3. Cherries

So you’ve been being really good whilst on your weight loss journey. You’ve cut out sugar and at first it was hard, but now you’ve overcome that and the scales aren’t budging. Funnily enough, it might be because you aren’t getting anything sweet. Cherries are a healthy alternative to sweets and chocolate that’ll keep your sweet tooth satisfied, and stop you reaching for the biscuits after weeks of salad, along with helping you get over that weight loss plateau that’s being such a cow. If you’re lacking something sweet, pick up some cherries the next time you’re at the supermarket.

4. Grapefruit

This food is packed full of water so is ideal for you when you’re struggling to lose those last few inches. Because of its high water content and the fact the grapefruit is really low in calories, it might actually prevent you from eating more calories in your next meal. What?! Plus they’re really sweet to eat if you pick up the right one, and might be another alternative to cakes, chocolate and all the good stuff you really want. If you’re in a weight loss plateau, pick up a grapefruit.

5. Green Tea

Alright so it’s not a food, but if you’ve tried all of the above and the scales still aren’t going anywhere then this might be the answer to all your problems. You might have been really good with your diet, but the coffee you chug every morning is actually preventing you from shedding those last few pounds. See, caffeine might be the thing that’s keeping that annoying belly fat from budging. So instead, try green tea which is actually proven to help lose weight. Don’t let coffee be the devil causing your weight loss plateau.

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6. Pasta, Potatoes, Pizza

You heard me right. Allocating yourself a cheat day once a month might actually improve your chances of losing weight. If you’ve been eating and exercising but the scales have stopped moving, you might actually need a meal that is rich in carbohydrates. Eating fewer carbs inevitably leads your brain to think that it needs to store extra calories to keep you from starving. Because protein and fibre don’t have the same hormone to do this, you might need a big carby meal to reassure your brain that you’re not going to starve and die. Isn’t this just what you want to hear during a weight loss plateau. Now go eat those carbs.

7. Almonds

They’re a food which is rich in amino acid L-arginine and that is a great source of fuel for extra fat burning. Your body might just need a little extra push to get things moving again, so eating some almonds right before you workout or even just before bed might get your body to start burning that extra fat that’s left over. If you’ve tried everything else, get going on those almonds to get you over that weight loss plateau.

8. Chilli Powder

Again, not really a food but it might be the one last thing you missing to get those scales to finally shift. You must’ve read by now that chilli powder and cayenne pepper are a main ingredient for those who are looking to lose some weight and that’s because the spice helps to get rid of the white fat, in other words the fat that you don’t want, by turning it into burn fat – the fat used as energy. It also helps your insulin sensitivity, so get sprinkling that chilli powder and wave at your weight loss plateau as you get over it.

What foods have to tried to get over a weight loss plateau? Tell us in the comments.
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