10 Foods That Cause Acne That Will Completely Surprise You

If you’re experiencing an acne flare up out of nowhere, you might be wondering where it is all coming from. You’ve been washing your face religiously and drinking lots of water, but nothing is clearing up your skin. Something you haven’t considered? What you’re eating! Check out these 10 foods that cause acne that will completely surprise you.

1. Potato Chips

Potato chips pack a pretty terrible combo: high carbs and high fats. This combination causes a spike in your insulin, which leads to your skin becoming inflamed.

Foods that cause acne!

2. Wheat Bread

You might think you’re being healthy by eating wheat bread, but it could secretly be causing your breakouts. A lot of people have an intolerance to gluten without even realizing, and that intolerance can be shown through acne.

3. Ice Cream

Dairy overall is pretty bad for your skin, so combine that with a high amount of sugar and you’re in for a disaster. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite dessert, but try cutting your ice cream intake to once or twice a week or switch to a dairy-free sorbet.

4. Cheese

Not to rob you of all the joy in your life, but cheese is a huge acne trigger, too. It also causes that problematic insulin spike, which can lead to a bad breakout.

5. Chocolate

The sugar rush that occurs from eating chocolate may be completing throwing off your skin. If you feel like you can’t resist, try a darker chocolate that has less sugar and more antioxidants.

Foods that cause acne!

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6. Sushi

This is one of the foods that cause acne that truly hurts. The white rice in your favorite sushi is pretty high in insulin, and could be triggering your acne. Try brown rice sushi if you just can’t bring yourself to give it up!

7. Pizza

When combined with all that cheese, the high amount of carbs in pizza are bad news when it comes to your skin. And that is before you add even greasier toppings like pepperoni and sausage!

Foods that cause acne!

8. Milk

Milk can contain hormones that you probably don’t even notice you are consuming. Paired with the fact that is dairy, it can cause a lot of problems with your skin. Try swapping in almond or soy milk.

Foods that cause acne!

9. Smoothies

Smoothies may seem like a nice healthy choice, but they can be seriously detrimental to your skin. Even though they contain a ton of good fruits, that also means they contain a ton of fructose, which can cause you some major damage.

10. Soda

Cutting back on soda will do wonders for your skin. It has no nutritional value, and it is loaded with sugar. Swap out soda for water and you will see a difference sooner than you think.

Foods that cause acne!
Do you know other foods that cause acne? Tell us in the comments below!
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