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15 Foods That Always Get Endless Likes On Instagram

15 Foods That Always Get Endless Likes On Instagram

Do you have a foodie Instagram or just love scrolling though those "Freshman 15" pages? Here are the foods that get the most likes on Instagram!

Do you have a foodie Instagram or just love scrolling though those “Freshman 15” pages? Want to know how to get the most likes on Instagram? Keep reading to find out the most trendy and double-tapped foods on Instagram!

1. Rainbow Bagels

How can you not enjoy a colorful carb? These are not only pretty to look at, but taste pretty good too!

2. Rolled Ice Cream

Popping up everywhere, rolled ice cream stores are great to experience your ice cream being made right in front of your eyes! Double tap when you see these on your feed!


3. Loaded Milkshakes

From being stuffed with multiple giant candies, to being topped with whole slices of cake, these mouthwatering shakes have been receiving a lot of love on the gram!

4. Giant Burgers

We’ve all witnessed our fair share of foodie posts of burgers the size of the hands that are trying to hold them. These cheesy, stuffed burgers are a mouthwatering sight!

5. Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza??? Scroll through Instagram and I guarantee that you can find pizza with almost anything on top of it!


6. Avocado Toast

Almost everything is made with avocado these days. But who’s complaining?? Instagram posts of avocado toast are pretty artsy – if anyone even uses that word anymore.

7. Doughnuts

Bacon, Oreos, chocolate chips! You can find any one of these toppings and more sitting atop an Instagram’d doughnut. Gourmet doughnuts with unique toppings have been catching social media’s attention.

8. Sushi

Who would’ve thought raw fish could be so pretty? Instagram could! And so did its foodies!


9. Fries

Loads of them. Mountains of them. Different kinds of them. You can find any of them on Instagram.

10. Anything With Hot Cheetos

Hot Cheetos are good and all, but apparently people are finding it necessary to put them on or in anything! Definitely brightens up the picture with that fiery red, though.

11. Nutella

From Nutella stuffed cookies to Nutella topped sundaes, Nutella is everywhere! Make sure to have the Nutella logo in the post and you are sure to get endless likes!

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12. Mac And Cheese

Make sure to snap a pic right as you take a scoop, the cheese pull is likely to get you a ton of mouthwatering likes!

13. A Poached Egg With A Drippy Yolk

How many slo-mo videos have you seen of a poached egg getting cut into, with the yolk dripping out? A lot? Yeah, me too!


14. Cookies

Giant stuffed ones! With chocolate and other goodies oozing from the middle! Who wouldn’t like that post while scrolling through their feed?

15. Two Foods Combined

Mac and cheese pizza, spaghetti donuts, sushi burritos, you name it! The creativity is getting crazy! It seems that Instagram users really like the idea of two foods in one!

15 Foods That Always Get Endless Likes On Instagram
So there you have it; the 15 foods that always get endless likes on Instagram! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!
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