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10 Foods Known To Hydrate Your Skin

10 Foods Known To Hydrate Your Skin

There are so many great foods known to hydrate your skin. Here's a list of healthy recipes that are so delicious and will also hydrate your skin!

OK, this may seem like another one of those common sense health articles, but with the harsh winter weather approaching, and layer upon layer of moisturizing wearing off as the day goes by, all of us could benefit from a reminder that we must nourish ourselves from the inside to reflect on our skin. Though we may not literally BE what we eat (lets face it, we don’t WANT to be vegetables), the food we choose to eat can have a significant impact on our outer appearance. Here is my list of 10 foods known to hydrate your skin. They are all around must-eat natural, vegan-friendly foods (in alphabetical order, with vegetarian friendly recipes) when the weather, your moisturizer, your soap, or your heater just do not agree with your skin:

1. Amazing Avocado

Ever notice how avocado goes with literally…everything? Well, if cracked skin and chapped lips have been your foremost concern, it’s time to make the switch from cheetos to avocados. You can eat it with toast and cheese for your next breakfast, use it as a topping for pizza or tacos, or even create a moisture mask; the oils of the fruit will penetrate in your skin. The healthy fatty acids present in these wonders produces softer, supple, and better hydrated skin. [creative craving: black bean and avocado salsa]

2. Beautiful Banana

One of the most apeeling foods out there. The banana contains tremendous levels of potassium, which revitalizes dehydrated skin, as well as Vitamin A which smooths out any uneven textures present on your skin that might be due to dryness. Bananas also contain zinc, which can combat acne. Rrrrring! The banana phone is calling…it’s asking you to pick it up as your next 100 calorie snack and ditch the preservative-heavy snack bar. [creative craving: banana vanilla bean pancakes]


3. Charming Chia Seed

As a child, I hated the boring texture of milk. As I grew into my teens, chia seeds were starting to become a new craze, so I decided to add a spoonful in my milk and test my curiosity. Little did I know that these were the answer to my tastebuds as well as my pores. Chia seeds contain generous amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, promoting skin softness and maintaining proper balance of hormones, as well as Vitamin E, which helps prevent wrinkles. Add these to your next smoothie, pudding, salad, or baking extravaganza. [creative craving: chocolate pistachio chia shake]


4. Cool Cucumber

The cucumber is a high water content vegetable that is known to aid in proper digestion, which can significantly impact the appearance of your skin. With poor digestion comes dull, often either excessively dry or excessively oily skin and potentially lots of acne. Cucumber cools the system and also tightens open pores and helps prevent or rid of dark circles or puffiness around the eyes (when eaten & when put directly over eyes). [creative craving: cucumber mint sorbet]

5. Fabulous Flax Seed

Another one of those omega-3 fatty acid rich foods. Flax seeds help retain the moisture in your skin for longer periods of time and will take care of any rashes you have–provided you add them as a regular in your diet. These are amazing in muffins, oatmeal, and pretty much everything and anything you would think of putting chia seeds in. In fact, the next time you are adding chia seeds to a recipe, don’t hesitate to add a few flax seeds as well! [creative craving: cinnamon flax seed french toast]


6. Gratifying Grape

The next time you wine about peeling skin, grab a handful of grapes. Grapes have an extremely sweet and juicy flavor and are amazing for toning your skin. These wonders even have properties that will boost your metabolism and keep your skin looking youthful. Grapes are are great in salads, but are flavorful enough to be eaten alone as well. [creative craving: balsamic grape and walnut salad]


7. Precious Pumpkin Seed

Contrary to popular belief, pumpkins aren’t merely a fall decoration! The seeds inside a pumpkin aid in skin cell regeneration and can be the perfect fix for your cracking skin. Zinc and selenium are abundant in these seeds, which both help protect your skin from sun-damage. If you feel like your skin has not been retaining its moisture, then pumpkin seeds should be your go to–they contain fatty acids that promote sebum production. Have them plain or as a topping to salads, soups, and more! [creative craving: caramelized spicy pumpkin seeds]


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8. Terrific Tangerine

Tangerines contain generous amounts of Vitamin A, a vitamin that is known to delay any potential signs of aging on your skin. The high amounts of Vitamin C present in this fruit work not only as an immunity booster, but will also make skin appear and feel smoother. The versatile tangerine can also be used to create a skin-brightening mask! [creative craving: tangerine orange cake]

9. Supreme Spinach

Spinach is a leafy green that contains Vitamin B, which can protect your skin against sun damage. Eating greens like spinach has been known to be an all natural cure to acne. A diet high in spinach will improve complexion and slowly rid of brusing and discoloration of the face. Just as the tangerine, spinach contains high amounts of Vitamin A and C and thus provide similar benefits. [creative craving: spinach tomato orzo soup]

10. Scrumptious Sweet Potato

I have to admit, I did not even know the sweet potato existed until a my early teens when the world began the wonderful sweet potato fries trend. When I started researching, I was amazed at how such a gluttonous food could be so healthy and beneficial to skin and overall health. Got a cracked heel? Don’t waste your money on that pedicure, eat up a scrumptious sweet potato! These pieces of perfection can also help smooth the texture of any bumpy skin and will work wonders on dark circles or dark patches, as they contain–just as spinach and tangerines do–high levels of Vitamins A and C. [creative craving: caramelized onion and sweet potato soup]



Searching for meals/recipes that contain several of these ingredients? Look no further!

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