10 Foods And Drinks You Have To Try At The Anaheim Packing District

The Anaheim Packing District is the food court of your dreams. This place has over two dozen vendors that offer a variety of options: handmade ice cream, poutine, ramen, crepes and dim sum, just to name a few. Put on those eatin’ pants, we’re listing out the 10 things you have to try at the Anaheim Packing District.

1. Country Fried Chicken Poutine

Check out The Kroft for this Canadian favorite done with a Southern Twist at the Anaheim Packing District. Crispy fries, golden chicken nuggets and cheese curds smothered in country gravy… Are you salivating too or is it just us? If country fried chicken isn’t your jam, The Kroft has dozens of other poutine options for you! Japanese Katsu Curry poutine anyone?

2. Homemade Ice Cream

Hans Homemade Ice Cream is definitely something to write home about. This place has 45 flavors – yep, you read that right. From the classic marble fudge to the daring orange mocha chip, there’s something here for every one. Whether your scoop is on a cone, cup or lovingly smushed between two cookies, embrace the Hans motto: there’s no such thing as too many scoops.

3. House Special Lobster Noodles

Looking for dim sum and craft beer at the Anaheim Packing District? Check out 18 Folds at Farmer’s Park! They specialize in traditional Chinese cooking with innovative techniques that deliver amazing feasts. Their house special lobster noodles will have you slurping up every bite. Order up some Shanghai soup dumplings and sliced braised pork belly and you will be licking your fingers. You need to get you some of this dim sum.

4. Fish and Chips

There’s nothing fishy about how The Chippy delivers quality food; their recipes and techniques came straight from the UK! Their crispy fries, delicious fish and tartar sauce will have you dancing with joy and wanting more. Before you order another round, try out the shrimp po boy or even the shrimp and chip combo!

5. Rainbow Cloud

Need a refresher? Check out the Mini Monster in the Anaheim Packing District. They have a wide assortment of bubble tea for your enjoyment. The Rainbow Cloud is one of their most popular options — it comes with warm boba, freshly made cotton candy and sprinkled with fruity pebbles. Order it with their sunset strawberry lemonade for a sweet palate cleanser.

10 Foods And Drinks You Have To Try At The Anaheim Packing District

6. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

If you need a little more spice, check out Sweetbird for their tried-and-true favorite spicy chicken sandwich. A crispy and spicy chicken breast, a couple pickles, creamy cole slaw and delicious aioli sauce between two buttery buns? Yes, please! Order up a side of their smashed potatoes and you’re ready for a feast!

7. Chicken Pizza

You can never go wrong with pizza and Ecco Pizza just does it oh-so-right. They use locally grown and produced ingredients on their pies and you can tell. The Chicken Pizza is the #6 on their most popular pizzas, but it’ll be #1 in your heart. The perfect blend of basil pesto, fresh mozzarella and mascarpone that will have you thinking you died at the Anaheim Packing District and woke up in Italy.

8. Roast Duck

Classic barbecue with a Japanese twist? Sounds a little unusual, but one bite of a roasted duck from Cross Roast Eatery and all your doubts will disappear. They offer the classic tastes and flavors of Hong Kong with all the traditions of barbecuing. Order up a roast duck or roast pork belly and enjoy with some corn slaw and rice.

9. Green Tea Crunch

The only thing better than gelato is gelato on a stick. Popbar offers handcrafted gelato frozen on a popsicle stick and dipped, sprinkled, and drizzled in a variety of toppings. The Green Tea Crunch is green tea gelato, half-dipped in milk chocolate, sprinkled with waffle cone bits, and drizzled in white chocolate. It is a personal favorite from the Anaheim Packing District and recurring member of my dreams.

10 Foods And Drinks You Have To Try At The Anaheim Packing District

10. Stalks and Palms

For the 21 & Up Club, you can find yourself a bar seat at the Hammer Workshop & Bar at the end of the day (or beginning of one!) Sip on a brilliant craft cocktail as you enjoy the scenery at the Anaheim Packing District. The Stalks and Palms is made with gin and has hints of rhubarb and acai. It’s light, refreshing and can help wind you down.

10 Foods And Drinks You Have To Try At The Anaheim Packing District

So many foods. So little time. What are your absolute favorites from the Anaheim Packing District?

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