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Top 5 Foodies To Follow That Are Seattle Based

Top 5 Foodies To Follow That Are Seattle Based

When Instagram first came out everyone took photos of their food and posted it for all their friends to see. If you scroll through anyone’s Instagram profile you are sure to find a piece of avocado toast or a fancy coffee, it was the trend! Although most of us stopped playing with our food and started enjoying it again, these entrepreneurs found a way to keep doing both. Foodies have taken over Instagram and they have progressed way pasted pictures of uncooked spaghetti. When you follow a foodie you are sure to get beautiful photographs of the tastiest food, restaurant recommendations and recipes you never thought you would try.

If you’re Seattle based, or planning a trip to the Emerald city soon, you should start following these foodies. Not only are these food influencers on top of their Instagram game, filling your feed with mouth-watering photographs of savoury treats, they are also badass women who have turned their passion for food into their own business.

1. Food Adventure (@Feeher)

Tiffany is a queen at documenting the interesting food finds and tasty treats she finds every single day. Her foodie blog started when she took a look at her personal feed and realized it was mostly food anyways so it should get its own handle and become the real star of the feed. Although Seattle is known for seafood, Tifanny knows acknowledges that the Emerald City may have more up its sleeve than just shellfish and sushi.


“I love that you can get almost any kind of food in Seattle, as long as you look in the right places. From street corn nachos to ube cheesecake.”- Tiffany @feedher

Her unique blend of funny captions mixed with gorgeous photography makes her hard to miss on Instagram. From sushi to desserts she has been there, eaten it and taken its photo. Keep an eye out for this Seattle foodie while you’re scrolling Instagram, because not only does Tiffany get the best food picks, you’ll also get to see her adorable dogs, Boba and Nori. That’s right, not only are you getting tasty food photos, you’re also getting cute pet pictures. Foods + puppies= best Instagram feed ever! Tiffany is Seattle based however she has travelled all over Washington sampling different foods and exploring the state.

Her goto recommendation for food in Seattle is Marination Ma Kai. It is a local restaurant that has a great view of Seattle and has great food! Try it out next time you’re in town.


2. Andrea//Seattle Foodie (@hangryforwhat)

Originally from Portland, Andrea fell in love with the food she was trying in her new city. Once she noticed her phone was filling up with photos of the amazing food she had been trying in Seattle she knew it was time to start posting. Her Instagram account not only shares her passion for food, but it also helps her stay connected to her new city and meet friends that share the same interests as her.

“I’m not from Seattle, I wanted to make new friends and what better way to meet people than with food?”- Andrea

Now you can find colorful creations, yummy snacks and delicious desserts all over her feed. Check her out if you’re looking to tempt your sweet tooth. If you’re wondering what seafood gets this Seattle foodie going it can be found at Seattle fish guys, it has a huge selcetion and the fish is always fresh.


3. Jessie | Hungry Seattle Foodie (@what.jessie.eats)

The only thing better than the food you’ll find on Jessie’s Instagram feed is her contagious smile. She always looks so happy to be trying all this wonderful food. For Jessie, food is what reminds her of the good times, a photo of her favorite dish may just look like food to you, but for her, it has a story and memory attached.

“I have always loved food. Growin gup, good has always been the center of all of my fondest memories. Sharing a meal together (and eating of course) has always been the way to spend quality time with my friends and family.”- Jessie

So if you’re looking for the best place to get that specialty snack you’ve been searching for, ask Jessie! This foodie is always willing to help you find what you’re looking for in Seattle, she may tag along though. Look out for Jessie on the streets of Seattle, hunting for her next great find.

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4. Seattle Foodie Farin (@foodiefarin)

Look for a foodie that can not only take great photos of food, but she can also cook the food. I know! Farin can do everything and anything that involves a stove. Farin also knows the ins and outs of Seattle’s restaurants. Starting out as a website and social media rep for Seattle known restaurants she learned what was good and what wasn’t as good. This got her started sharing her opinions on Instagram for everyone to read and see what awesome food she was getting to try.

“I wanted to share the beautiful food that I eat everywhere so that others can eat with their family and get the chance to see what’s actually on a menu instead of just reading it.” – Farin


Check out her page if you’re looking for recipes, cooking tips or a great place to eat if you’re looking to go out. Seriously though, this girl can make a box of pizza look gourmet.

5. Rachel DeVaux, RD, CPT, PES (@rachelsgoodeats)

This foodie does more than just tempt your sweet tooth with tasty photos of sweet treats she finds, she also helps you eat healthier. She focusses on good eats, finding the best recipes, restaurants and snacks that will give your body energy while also tasting great. Rachel was a miracle for me when I first moved to Seattle. Follow her feed to get info on how to stay healthy in the city while also still enjoying yourself. This girl can do no wrong, she even grilled a peach the other day, I didn’t even know that was an option. PS, I tried it later and it was amazing.

Seattle is filled with high-end eateries, mom and pop shops and little cafes. You can enjoy beautiful appetizers, tasty entrees and scrumptious desserts. However, it is hard to navigate your way through this city. These five foodies can help you sail your stomach into the right direction, no matter what you’re in the mood for.  Check them out to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the Emerald City.

Who is your favourite foodie? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: Jessie | Hungry Seattle Foodie Instagram