10 Foodie Travel Destinations Perfect For Any Food Lover This Summer

10 Foodie Travel Destinations Perfect For Any Food Lover This Summer

Travel time is all the time, but with summer coming up, it is the best time for most people. When traveling, the hardest part is choosing a destination. Some people travel to see family while some travel to explore, but there are some people who travel to experience new food. These food lovers pick each of their travel destinations with care, to ensure that they will get the best foodie experience out of it that they possibly can! Here are 10 foodie travel destinations that are perfect for any food lover this summer!

1. New Orleans

New Orleans is a city full of culture, and a big part of that culture is their delicious and unique food. This is one of the foodie travel destinations that you won’t want to miss. The food in New Orleans is something that you will not be able to find anywhere else. From their delicious beignets to their gumbo, everything is delicious.

10 Foodie Travel Destinations Perfect For Any Food Lover This Summer

2. New York

New York City is a giant melting pot city. There is food from all over the world made by people who know what they’re doing. In New York, you can experience authentic Chinese and Italian food by only walking a few blocks. It’s a great place to experience amazing food.

3. Miami

Miami is a colorful city and the food there is just as colorful. You can really enjoy your dinner with a view by the ocean as well, making Miami one of the wonderful foodie destinations that you need to visit!

4. Chicago

Chicago is full of foods that originated there and moved all over, but it’s always better to have the original, it always tastes better. Head over to try deep dish pizza, loaded hot dogs, and Italian beef, all of which you will never find the same thing anywhere else in the world.

10 Foodie Travel Destinations Perfect For Any Food Lover This Summer

5. San Francisco

You can once again enjoy your food with a beautiful view in San Francisco by grabbing it and taking it by the Golden Gate Bridge, or you can enjoy one of their many and incredibly tasty restaurants. San Francisco has some of the best-rated restaurants in the nation as well as the best food markets. Don’t miss out!

6. Seattle

Seattle can be rainy, but their food will shine. If you head down to Pike Place Market there are many foods ranging from fresh fish to creamy mac and cheese, but you can also head further and visit some high-end restaurants!

7. Austin

Austin is my personal favorite of all foodie travel destinations. Their breakfast tacos put a wonderful jump-start in your day, and their barbecue is completely mouth-watering. Don’t miss out on this delicious food!

10 Foodie Travel Destinations Perfect For Any Food Lover This Summer

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8. Nashville

You can enjoy some delicious southern cuisine while listening to some incredible music all over this wonderful city. You can choose from mom and pop joints or go to high-end restaurants. They have it all in Nashville.

9. Savannah

Because it’s by the water, their seafood is spectacular, and being a little bit south, their southern cuisine is particularly tasty. Don’t miss out on these spectacular foods in Savannah.

10. Las Vegas

The city of lights (in the United States of course) serves some pretty wonderful and delicious food under those lights. So many famous and well-known chefs from all over the world have restaurants exclusively in Las Vegas, and they are definitely worth visiting. Also, as each hotel has a different theme, they like to stick to those themes in the restaurants inside the hotels as well! If you go to the restaurants inside of the Eiffel Tower, they will serve crepes, and the rest do the same. You can travel the world in this one city! Don’t miss out on it!

10 Foodie Travel Destinations Perfect For Any Food Lover This Summer

Have you ever been to any of these foodie travel destinations? Do you have any other foodie travel destinations to suggest? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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