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A Foodie Takes On New York City: Caffe Bene

A Foodie Takes On New York City: Caffe Bene

Hello there again foodies! With Spring Break having just come to a close, it’s time to get back into the groove of homework, studying and projects. (That is, if you don’t have one of those professors who had you doing all three, while also trying to relax on a beach….We’ve all been there) With that being said, we know just the spot in New York City for you to get back in your groove.

The Importance Of Coffee

One word. Coffee. We all need it. Heck, most of us can’t make it through our day without one or even two cups. With Midterms approaching, studying is going to be at a maximum. What does that mean? Coffee consumption will also be at a maximum, obviously.


Caffe Bene

A basic necessity for getting through college is finding a great coffee shop that also doubles as a great place to get schoolwork done. The good news is I’ve done the work for you: Caffe Bene. It’s located at 17637 Union Turnpike right across from St John’s.


The Drinks

Their coffee menu is nothing short of spectacular. With coffees ranging from espressos and cappuccinos to frappes and even a couple smoothies and mojitos, (if you’re going for something a little different).


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The Food

The waffles? To die for, really. How about waffles and gelato? They’ve got it. And as an added bonus, they offer a student discount as well as free Wi-Fi! How could you possibly pass that up?

The Atmosphere

Their soothing jazz and classical music paired with their comfy chairs and benches definitely make for a great studying atmosphere. Consider this your new place to study when you get tired of sitting in your dorm room. It’s time to make it part of your weekend (coffee) grind!

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