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6 Foodie Instagrams You Need To Be Following

Hours and hours of our lives are dedicated to scrolling through Instagram. Whether we’re wishing we looked a certain way, wishing we were traveling to certain places, or wishing we were able to buy certain things..we dedicate a solid chunk of our times scrolling and obsessing. Foodie Instagrams are no different. The amount of delectable, delicious foods on Instagram are enough to make you feel as though you’ll add a few pounds to the waistline just by looking at them! Have no fear, the following foodie Instagrams won’t add anything to the scale, but they might make your stomach grumble and mouth water. Here are six foodie Instagrams you need to be following…right now!

1. @Foodyfetish

With a whopping 3.1 million followers, this food page will leave your jaw dropping and mouth watering. This foodie Instagram features video footage of food and drinks from around the world, enough to make you scroll for hours. With a balance of sweet and savory, every post on Foods Fetish’s foodie Instagram will have you wishing you can reach through the screen to share in the delectable goods.

2. @JunkBanter

This foodie Instagram is perfect for the limited-edition-food-item-lovers. Junk Banter reviews exclusive, unique, limited edition foods that are normally out of the ordinary, and posts tantalizing pictures of each in the mean time. At, you can read all reviews of all things “new, rare, and junk food related”, as the food Instagram says so himself. The cool foods and often humorous captions are enough to give this foodie Instagram a follow.

3. @familyfooddude

Family Food Dude on Instagram is the perfect foodie Instagram to follow if you love food, family & fun! This foodie Instagram is full of mini-reviews on unique junk foods often food in your local grocery stores. Short review videos called “Fun Sized Reviews” are fun sized due to their short-and-sweet nature featuring his 3-year-old son. This foodie Instagram is a fan favorite, and often times hilarious in nature. More reviews can be found on his Youtube channel, also titled Family Food Dude.

4. @dogs_infood

This foodie Instagram is unlike any other, for the simple fact that these delectable images feature not only food, but everyones second favorite thing: dogs! Each picture of sweet or savory goodness also features a pooch perfect edited in! This fun foodie Instagram will leave you entertained for hours at the seamless transitions of perfect pups in perfect pictures of delicious goods!

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5. @foodintheair

Food In The Air is a clever foodie Instagram that features all it’s delectables…you guessed it…in the air! Whether it’s burgers, ice cream cones, pizza pies, donuts, you name it, it’s slightly raised in the air and a perfect photo is snapped revealing all of it’s foodie glory. Some amazing shots can be found on this foodie Instagram, leaving you want to scroll forever!

6. @buzzfeedtasty

Demonstration videos set to spunky music of delicious-looking recipes is the name of the game on Buzzfeed’s Tasty Instagram. This foodie Instagram is perfect for those who enjoying cooking and gathering new recipes to try with their friends and family. Often times, the videos are so simple and easy that you want to get right to it and start cooking away! The end results are always picture-perfect and look absolutely mouth-watering. This foodie Instagram, at 23.5 million followers, is a must-follow.

Do you have any favorite foodie Instagrams we didn’t mention? Comment the username down below and tell us why you love ’em!
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