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10 Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

If you already spend hours each day scrolling through your never ending Instagram feed, get ready to spend even more time. With these 10 foodie instagram accounts, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away. Between the striking photography and mouth-watering food, your Instagram will be instantly improved by these 10 foodie accounts.

1. @georgeats

This Melbourne based food photographer creates some impressively aesthetic photos of her food, that are saliently artistic. Her gluten free, pescatarian diet becomes something of beauty in her flat lays and close ups of homemade recipes (which have now been collated into a cookbook) which are shot almost exclusively against marble and slate backgrounds to create mouth-watering and beautifully creative food shots. Paired with hilariously sarcastic comments written by Georgia, this foodie Instagram account is one that you can’t miss out on.


2. @foodie

All in the name, of course @foodie is the ultimate Instagram account for all food lovers to be following. Their feed is a colourful collage of every type of junk food you can imagine, from rainbow bagels to pizza burgers to cookie dough sandwiches. @foodie credit all photos in their captions, always giving you more foodie accounts to add to your follow list.


3. @deliciouslyella

From a personal blog to a hugely successful brand promoting the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, @deliciouslyella is a great place to get some healthy inspiration. Ella’s healthy breakfasts are often featured on her Instagram page, like smashed raspberries and peanut butter on rye toast or coconut milk muesli with stewed blueberries. She often posts images of recipes that the Deliciously Ella team are testing for their cookbooks, such as almond butter ice cream or butterbean and sweetcorn falafel. Colourful and wholesome food pictures combined with posts about both mental and physical health make @delicioulsyella an essential foodie account to follow for anyone interested in healthy, plant based living.


4. @oatmealsny

The Instagram account of the world’s first all oatmeal cafe, based in New York, @oatmealsny posts endless pictures of their signature oatmeal bowls. @oatmealsny features some classic fruit and nut topped oatmeals as well as some of their more original (and slightly strange) savoury choices: sundried tomato and pesto, sautéed mushroom and truffle oil, broccoli and cheddar cheese. Despite its eccentric and unusual food, @oatmealsny is an immensely popular page. Check out their page to have a look at their spring pea and parmesan risOATto!

5. @sixvegansisters

Loaded cookie dough cakes, mac and cheese stuffed grilled cheese and loaded nachos – but all vegan. @sixvegansisters is a personal blog run by six sisters living between New York and Detroit posting photos of their delicious recipes that you can’t quite believe are actually completely plant based. All of their posts come with a corresponding recipe linked on their website so you can make all of their incredible vegan creations yourself. Follow this account for some serious vegan cooking inspiration.


6. @minimalistbaker

All of the incredible food photographed on @minimalistbaker is made from simple recipes never containing more than 10 ingredients, made in 1 bowl that take a maximum of 30 minutes. All of the recipes are easy, healthy, wholesome and accessible. From no bake white chocolate cheesecakes and almond butter cup bars to super green smoothies and curried quinoa salads, @minimalistbaker covers all of your cooking bases, featuring recipes for almost every occasion.


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7. @cococakeland

If you’re looking for some cake decoration inspiration, @cococakeland is the place to go. Lyndsay Sung’s cake designs are beautiful, creative and unbelievably precise. Her account features photos of her white terrier pup cake, a cactus cake and (my favourite) her ‘jack-o-kitty’ halloween cake. Each photo is funny, inventive and immaculately presented against block colours to give her account a really special quality.


8. @evergreenkitchen_

Bri and Anguel describe their aesthetic foodie Instagram account as “vegetarian food you actually want to eat”. Their shingled sweet potatoes with harissa and chocolate caramel oat bars stand out as remarkably delicious and incredibly well photographed on their Instagram.



This 17 year old vegan’s Instagram account is full of colourful creations which are absolutely incredible. Jose uses his free time to construct unique and creative food, like cakes and smoothie bowls. His Instagram features a watermelon carved into the shape of waves filled with dolphins made from bananas and a ballgown shaped from figs. His smoothie bowls are really the shining creations though, made entirely from blended fruit, he has managed to create a galaxy bowl and a world map. is one of the most original and impressive foodie Instagrams that definitely deserves a follow.

10. @yourroomservice

@yourroomservice takes photos of breakfasts in bed at luxurious hotels and beautiful destinations – everyone’s dream. Get some serious envy from your Instagram feed with this account, featuring morning croissants with an Eiffel Tower view, hot chocolate and waffles on a snowy mountainside and poolside smoothie bowls in Bali. Get both your foodie and travel fix in one account with @yourroomservice.


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