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Food To Help Reduce Period Cramps You Should Know About

Food To Help Reduce Period Cramps You Should Know About

Food To Help Reduce Period Cramps You Should Know About

Fair warning that we’re stealing away from the concept of TMI in this article while I give you the magical handbook that’ll tell you how to reduce period cramps. No one likes that time of the month, for multiple reasons. Cramps? They’re just the cherry on top of that uncomfortable week that comes to visit us every 28 days. Know the one I’m talking about? Here is a list of Food To Help Reduce Period Cramps You Should Know About.


Ginger is healthy and beneficial to eat or drink even when you’re not on your period. But when you are experiencing those unwanted cramps, ginger helps soothe that pain. It has been said that ginger is the equivalent to taking those ibuprofen pills you may live off of to function for a week a month. For those struggling to find the means to eat ginger, it’s easier to just buy ginger in tea for that way the heat can also help ease and relax your nerves, alongside is affects to reduce period cramps.


You may be cricking your nose when thinking about having to eat fish on your period, or at any time to be honest, but what if I told you it would reduce your period cramps? Salmon is heavy in Omega-3s and it has been found that women who consume more of this fatty fish experience lesser cramps during their time of the month. Even when you’re not on your period try to eat fish 2 times a week to help make your next period more bearable.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate isn’t usually the ideal craving crusher when you’re experiencing those midnight urges for that candy or chocolate bar. And to be honest that excess sugar will only make your period cramps worse. Try eating dark chocolate. It’s full of the mineral magnesium which is perfect not only to reduce period cramps but to reduce your breast soreness and swelling as well.


It’s a well known fact that bananas are high in potassium but they’re also plentiful in vitamin B6. These nutrients can also help reduce period cramps and the bloating that accompanies them. An easy way to get these nutrients easily or on the go is by making a smoothie. Adding watermelon and kiwi is also beneficial as well as probiotics in the form of naturally flavoured yogurt (reduce that sugar intake).

Food To Help Reduce Period Cramps You Should Know About


We discussed the benefits of ginger tea early on but other teas can help reduce pesky period pains as well. Chamomile tea is especially helpful. It is un caffeinated (caffeine induces period cramps) and helps reduce muscle spasms in the uterus by relaxing your entire body. It’s a great tea to drink before bed to ensure a good night’s rest.

Food To Help Reduce Period Cramps You Should Know About

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Water is literally the human saviour. Although we do get bloating from water retention on our periods, water actually helps reduce that bloating. Keeping hydrated through your period can also prevent you from becoming fatigued and as another bonus, it can reduce period cramps.

Food To Help Reduce Period Cramps You Should Know About


Spinach, like dark chocolate and other greens, is a high source of magnesium aka period cramp saviour. However, spinach is also high in iron, something that is super important to maintain in your blood, especially for women. Anemia, low iron, is super common in women because of how much blood we lose. Eating spinach can help maintain those levels and keep us from feeling fatigued and weak during our periods.

What are your go-to foods to reduce period cramps? Have you tried any on this list? Did they work? Let me know in the comments below.

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