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10 Food Places In Philly You Need To Try For Yourself

While you may think that Philadelphia is solely known for its cheesesteaks, there are tons of food places in Philly that can pack a flavorful punch. From brunch and dessert to cheesesteaks and mac and cheese here are the 10 Food Places In Philly You Need To Try For Yourself.

1. Federal Donuts

This town favorite has exploded onto the Philly food scene and has 6 locations all throughout the city. Federal Donut’s may have a menu consisting of only three things (coffee, fried chicken, and donuts) but they are never short on business with lines usually that can be seen out the door. Their Korean style chicken is double fried to give that extra crunch and is packed with tons of flavor.

2. Termini Bros Bakery

This family owned bakery has been creating the same amazing recipes for the last 97 years. This food place in Philly is everyone’s go to bakery. You can grab cakes, cookies, various pasties and cannolis.

3. Cafe Lift

There are tons of food places in Philly where you can grab a quick breakfast, but if you are looking for an amazing brunch the choice is simple, you go to Cafe Lift. Located on 13th street they have a wide range of offerings. You can grab yogurt and granola, a basic breakfast sandwich or choose from their 8 different types of eggs, 5 different types of french toast and pancakes, or 6 different sandwiches.

4. Mac Mart

This mouth watering mac and cheese place is one of my favorites. You can grab their 7 cheese mac which is topped with potato chips to give it their signature crunch. There is no shortage of toppings at the Mac Mart, choose from BBQ, crab meat, and jalapeno peppers. Just like their signatue dish you are sure to leave ‘fat and happy.’

5. Geno’s Cheesesteaks

There are a few food places in Philly where celebrities hang out, and Geno’s is one of them.  Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Nick Cage, and Jordin Sparks have been known to frequent this Philly staple. Choose from cheesesteaks hoagies, and fries. An added bonus is that they are open 24/7.

6. Jim’s Cheesesteaks

Another food places in Philly that is also well known for its cheeseteaks is Jim’s.  Located on South Street and open until 1 AM, choose from hoagies and other grilled items that are sure to satisfy any late night craving.

7. Bud and Marilyn’s Cafe

If you are looking for a quiet brunch spot Bud and Marilyn’s Cafe is for you. They offer a daily brunch and dessert in addition to a happy hour. Their menu offers sharables, cocktails, chicken, and eggs.

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8. John’s Water Ice

John’s Water Ice raves about having the ‘purest water ice in the city.’ Only containing water, ice, and sugar this food place in Philly is a go to for the warmer summer months. They offer weekly specials along with 4 ice cream flavors, 4 water ice flavors, and gelati choices.

9. BRU Craft and Wurst

Described on their website as ‘German food fresh off the boat from das motherland.’ BRU offers the best authentic German cuisine. They have cheese curds, bavarian pretzels, kebabs, and more.

10. Waffles and Wedges

After recently downsizing from a store to a food truck Waffles and Wedges is still as busy as ever. Every topping imaginable is available to put on a waffle. Potato wedges, fruit, chocolate chips, and more are all readily available for you to make your own custom creation.

Which one (or two) of these food places in Philly are you going to visit? Comment below!
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