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Top 10 Places To Order Food Around USC After Midnight

It is late at night and you’re hungry. You open Instagram and see that delicious image of the perfect burrito with the ideal carne-asada-to-guac ratio. You know you’ve screwed up. Now, you need to eat. But where? Well, if you are a USC student, you probably already know you got lucky with the school location when it comes to food. Within 5 miles we have 24 hour McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, Jack in the Box… However, you want what you see on Instagram. You want real good LA food. Keep reading for the top 10 places to order food around USC after midnight.

1. Panda Express

I’m probably biased, because for me nothing beats late night Chinese food. Close to campus is my favorite spot, TSO.

2. Papi’s Pizzeria

Open only until 3AM on Friday and Saturday nights, although a little bit far from campus, Papi’s Pizzeria is still your place to go for late night pizza.


3. McDonald’s

I know, I know. Corporate greed and all that. Obesity and all that. Diabetes and all that. Yes, I am aware Mickey D’s is in the spotlight quite often, and not exactly for good reasons. However, it is undeniable that their beautiful golden fries and their delicious Oreo McFlurry taste like a bite from heaven after midnight. And the best thing is the drive through. No need to be seen contributing to the invasion of the world by Ronald McDonald.

4. Spudnuts Donuts

The only reason why Spudnuts did not rank higher is because not everyone has a sweet tooth. But if you’re like me and donuts are your kryptonite, Spudnuts will become your favorite place in South LA. Why?


You’re welcome.


5. Ono Hawaiian BBQ

Disclaimer: Officially closes at 9pm during the week and 9:30pm on the weekends.

A food chain, and one of the best in Southern California. Although it isn’t open after midnight, look at that chicken katsu and tell me you wouldn’t devour it after midnight if you could. Go early and save it for after that late night study session!

6. Los Carnales

It officially closes at 1:30 AM and it only opens Friday through Sunday. I bet you won’t find better street tacos within 5 miles of USC. In fact, they offer some of the best food around USC in general.


7. Original Pantry Cafe

The Pantry is your classic diner, but with the customer service of a family-owned business. Though, in all actuality, it is owned by former LA mayor Richard Riordan. Since 1924 they’ve been providing us with deliciousness, 24 hours a day. Wait until you try their chicken.

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8. Farmer Boys

American food, anytime of the day. Want pancakes after your Friday night out? Farmer Boys will be there for you. Want a delicious bacon cheeseburger? Farmer Boys will be there for you. Want one of the best Oreo shakes in town? Farmer Boys will be there for you.

9. Lucy’s Drive In

24 hours of comfort food. 116 different options. We bet you’ll find at least one dish you’d love on their menu after midnight.

10. El Huero

And yes, El Huero. Surprised? Probably not. A classic for late night munchies, drunchies, and after-game meals.


Carne asada fries. 24 hours. 7 days a week. Enough said.

Where are your favorite places to order food around USC late? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source:
Austin Lastra White

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